Omg here we go with tantrum....


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I am wanting him to come in earlier now because he hasnt listened - hasnt done his h.w., shower, pills and proper bed time. He does not like this and all I hear is the other kids go to bed later blah blah blah. Well, they arent my kids, and my son can not get up in the morning without two hours of constant trying to get him up and ready for school. Rewards and bribes dont work if they do its one day only.

So, I told him to come in at the new time he blew and said someone needed him, I said fine, you got 30 minutes and come in. What did he do? He came in threw the vacuum down, locked himself in the bathroom destroying it and screaming shutup shutup etc for over 20 minutes. I haven't talked but once to tell him to stop please. Hes now screaming he wants soda, well, the ice cream truck sometimes has it, we have a little, he has money but yet, its tantrum!

So the violence has been less until tonight, he only hears what he wants or hears what he understands. Its like for example, he had a lot of birthday money and saved money, yet, he refuses to spend it. When he does, he demands us to pay it back!!

Well, just venting as usual, anxiously awaiting the psychiatric appointment( had to be after schools out for the summer cuz he missed a lot and when the appts could be penciled in( so many on Dr side and ours) If this dr helps and my son is mostly calmed down, listens better( never said perfect, just hoping for better, happier for all, calm , son is controlling anger and the irritability) I swear I will do a happy dance, hug the Dr and pass out from exhaustion and joy all at the same time!

Still going forward with my plans!

This is going to be another loooonng summer!!!!!!!!!:difficult child::strikesmileys: ha


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Ok, so he only made sounds as if he was damaging the bathroom, but guess what? NO damage!!!!!!!!!! So happy and proud of him! But he did throw the vacuum down again... but still, I am and need to be thankful for the shorter tantrum and less or lack of violence! Little by little progress I think!


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Baby steps. Good to hear that you recognize and appreciate that he's going in the right direction.

Hang in there. You're doing great in a very difficult situation.


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Oh honey how I feel your pain. My 8 year old grandson has escalated to really scary, ridiculous heights. I just bought a book called "The Behavior Code." And I'm concurrently readin "The Angry Child." That book had to have been written by someone that has spent a week with my grandson. Seriously. My mantras for this week: "You can be mad, but not mean." And, "The only behavior we can control is our own." Mmmmmmyeah. I'll let you know how that works out, but it is helping me get through today. That's all I can ask for.

Sounds like your cloud had a little silver lining. That's awesome. Those are hard to see, sometimes.


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runawaybunny- Sometimes its easy to see them, and sometimes its not, like this morning. Theres no warning!

HMBgal-Good luck with your grandson, its sad,frustrating and scary at times isnt it? Sometimes that cloud is the lucky cloud!

WipedOut- A little progress that day was great!

Thank You All

**** Well, that was all short lived. Last night son stayed up late ( nothing new even with sleeping pill, maybe needs an increase now) and this morning he woke up on his own after 6am( yet on school days oh no he wont do this its sleep in time) then right away he started his demands to play and get him things. Then when he started to feel his oats here comes the threats, shutup da&* bitc&* bast*&^. I mean he was barely awake 20 minutes! We are not aloud to talk even if his shows arent on unless he talks and tells us its ok, when hes in a mood, we cant make a sound, he gets a kick and wants to be in control of everything and everyone. I told the other dr this and he shrugged it off and just said hes spoiled. He took it to outside, back in, Im just so tired of this! Between my health,at least half of the neighbors, most family, I have so many white hairs! Im not kidding nor exaggerating. I started off a couple years ago with a few, then a little white in my eyebrows! My eyebrows! Now, its to the point I really need to consider to do cover ups with dye color or let it go and by 40 have all or mostly white hair. All I can think about is this long summer... what a long summer. Please keep praying this Dr can help!!! Im so anxious!


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Don't quit trying to get genuine help for your son. Whichever doctor said he was "jsut spoiled" would have been "just fired" by me. That's ridiculoous for a guy with an MD.

Have you ever considered residential? I can't remember...


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Oh no I haven't given up, Im still going! Appts still rolling and coming up after school gets out. Yup, I agree and Im no longer with that Dr. So the new one we will go to said if out treatment/ and changes of medications,plus various therapies doesn't work, consider in hospital. But, if this Dr gives a mood stabilizer plus the therapy I think it will help. I hope so!( course last one said same thing about medication changes and therapy but, I just think and hope this one is different, I want someone who will actually work with my kid and not say hes for or JUST give him medications, it takes everything to get a child/person back to a calm and happy reality I feel.