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    So, I never drove up to the assisted living ctr today to finish my mural. I haven't been all weekend because of my leg and the family schedule.
    Then today, I made the mistake of checking my email, and between helping a client with-his book bio and cover art ideas (for free; I was paid 2 yrs ago and he's out of $); transferring $ to easy child's acct for something she needs (hey, she's only been back in school one day. Why plan ahead?); and various other things, I got emails from 2 of the 3 attys representing brokers that I have filed against through FINRA. (A level below the SEC.)
    This involves a dbl digit "investment" I was talked into by my broker of 11 yrs, and turned out to be hedge funds/aka Ponzi scheme.
    They are in the discovery process, and you know what they asked for?
    My JOINT tax returns with-husband.
    Say what?
    husband has nothing to do with-this.
    Neither do I.
    I am merely Power of Atty for my cousin, P.

    I know what they're trying to do. Combine all of our assets and say that we were, in fact, qualified investors, IOW, that we were worth over $1 million, or had an income of $200,000/yr or whatever it was.
    No way was P qualified. I never filled out the forms saying she was. I told them she was a retired actress, that she had investments, and that I wanted them consolidated and localized.

    I can hardly wait until husband comes home. on the other hand, maybe I shouldn't tell him.

    I called FINRA and they said to deny a discovery demand does not require a certain form, you just type it in and email it. Then the defendants demand it again by filing a motion to compel. And back and forth it goes.
    She recommended that I call Howard Univ Investor Justice and Educ Clinic, which I did, and left a msg.

    On top of it, I got a subpoena to appear in local criminal court on VALENTINE"S DAY (well, at least I'll remember the date) because of the charges I and a health care company filed against a caregiver who was supposed to be an evening companion for P when she was in convalescent care, but who only showed up for a month and then forged P's name the rest of the time. Today, the det. called me and said that the health care group only gave her time slips to show embezzlement, and never gave her any forged signatures!!!! I asked about the signature comparison I gave her and she said yes, she has that, but nothing from the company. I asked if we could piggyback the two charges and she said yes, if I could get copies of the signatures ASAP.
    I also said I may press civil charges against the health care company because I think the caregiver was doing this much longer than just 2 wks. I think it goes back to at least mid-summer, so I have to sit down at their office and go through tons of files.
    They are not going to like that, but if I have to get a court order, I will.

    There's more but difficult child just walked in and ... never mind

    One other thing ... my little sister called last wk and said that Dad was wandering the other day and got lost in the elevator, riding it up and down, and then he was terrified of the elevator. He's been doing so well in the main assisted living area, but we knew this time would come. How ironic that I'm painting a bookcase on doors in a dementia unit halfway across the country ...
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Geez, when it rains on you, it really lets loose! And you're going to take a break for yourself... when?! Soon, I hope!
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    lol ok i got tired reading all that. go go go wow you got alot of balls in the air.

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    Time for a quiet bubblebath and a glass of wine or something.
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    I'm better today. Made copies of half a doz forgeries and am dropping them off at the police station. Have a chiro appointment. Will stop by P's assist living to fill out forms to change doctors (it's too hard to get a hold of the dr she has now), and then off to paint, and, I hope, finish. Oh, and I typed up an estimate and did a thumbnail/rough for the other door. Dinner tonight with-husband.

    Meanwhile, difficult child has been his jerky self. Took him 5 hrs to do as many chores yesterday and gave me flak for every single one. Never finished washing pots and pans so he can do that today. Attitide ... grrr.

    We also had an "intellectual" discussion at dinner where he insisted it was okay to use the F-word in casual conversation as long as you're not deliberately getting into someone's face with-it. He insisted, in his Aspie way, that what we do at home is not what we do in the outside world because they're two different places.
    Hmm ... think I'll post this on the general board. Good food for thought.
  6. DaisyFace

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    Wow, terry--

    You sure have a lot on your plate! Isn't that always the way though?


    We've had the same conversation here - with difficult child explaining to us that bad language and inappropriate talk is just FINE....only her argument is that husband and I are basically "old farts" who don't "get" today's new standards of conversation.

    I'm sure the new standards of conversation will go over just GREAT at difficult child's first job interview!
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    Oh, that's what difficult child said, too! He said I'm old fashioned!

    I thought about the job interview aspect, too, but I was too tired to add fuel to the fire.
    These kids have no idea what we parents go through in a day, and then have to deal with-them ...
  8. DaisyFace

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    Well, maybe we should just use more of the "new" conversation when we speak to them...

    "difficult child, you're really F-ing P-ing me the F off right now. I've a one F-ing H of a day and I can't take any more of your F-ing S right now. OK?"

    THEN they'd understand!

    LOL! Can you imagine the look on their faces?

    (My apologies to the mods...)
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    For the use of the F word venacular I do agree with your difficult children an extent. Let me explain.

    First the "F Word" is an adult word. It depends on who you are talking to, what you are talking about and what the tempo and mood of the discussion is. It should never be used in day to day conversations, it should never be used in anger, it should never be used in the presence of young children and there is a time and place for all types of verbiage and venacular uses including the F word (aka F bomb). Obviously one would never use these types of words within a conversation with ones boss in the office but say at the bar for drinks with the office gang and the boss. There is a certain amount of play with it, not a lot in that example. Say even with family members at a party or gathering (not a funeral obviously).

    I think what the difficult children are not understanding is that yes they are partially right however there is the "time and a place" part that they are not understanding. It's like our law in Ontario : A woman may be topless in public by law just as a man can be...but the catch - Where appropriate. As in, when the law stipulates no shirt, no shoes no service (as it would for a man) a woman may not walk into a store or mall without a top on. This law also say that a female can be topless, as in naked from the waste up. I've actually done it myself. Camping at a provincial park on my site. Not for long because I was just changing my shirt and wasn't wearing a bra so it was for a short period of time (tent was blistering hot and I didn't want to change in the tent and pass out of heat exhaustion quite frankly).

    I can be bare from waste up in my own backyard and it is not deemed indecent exposure or public nuisance. I'm allowed by law but like this law the F word is where appropriate. That's the missing point in the conversation about the use of F words and swearing in general. So to an extent I do agree with your difficult children.
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    Its so funny about kids and naughty words.

    Right now I am having a "dickens" of a time coming up with words that are not bad words according to Keyana! Obviously the normal ones are bad but even saying...gosh that was dumb, that was stupid, hush, crazy, idiot, and more I cant think of right now...are considered bad words. I guess any word that can be thought of as not a nice or pleasant word is a bad word. One can only hope this lasts? Somehow I strongly doubt She can sure fuss me out without saying any bad words.
  11. DaisyFace

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    I have to share this:


    Prepare yourself and enjoy...
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    Love the video DF!

    Janet, that's giving me flashbacks to 1984, where they couldn't say something was really bad, they had to say "double plus ungood" or some such instead.