OMG! My satellite TV bill!!!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by donna723, Jun 3, 2010.

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    Better check your own bill! I just had to pick myself up off the floor!

    I've had satellite TV f-o-r-e-v-e-r! All I have is one little house, one TV, one receiver, I had the biggest package with the distant network feeds and a few sports channels, most of it I don't even watch anymore. And I paid more every month than anyone I know! Dumb ol' me just thought that was how much it cost, I and was planning to downgrade to a smaller more economical package. I've been paying the bill online for a long, long time now so I never really see a breakdown of the charges.

    So my faithful 14 year old TV finally died and I bought a new HD TV last week - they came to put in the new HD dish and hook it up last Friday, and getting the HD programming adds still another $10 a month to my bill. So I called tonight to change my programming and when she told me what I should have been paying now it was quite a bit less than what they've been charging me! I had her break down the charges of what I've been paying, and among the charges is $14 for "DNS" service. I asked her what that was - she said "It's for your RV!" I said, "My WHAT???" She said, "It's for the mobile satellite service for the TV in your RV." Fine and dandy ... except that I don't HAVE an RV, I've NEVER had an RV, and I certainly don't plan on buying one anytime soon!!! Good grief! I can barely pay my rent, much less buy an RV! The girl I talked to could only go back two years on my bill, and for that entire time I've been paying extra every month for satellite TV service in my non-existent RV!!!

    Lord only knows how long it will take to get that off of there! She said I will have to write their main office, explain what happened, and ask for a credit for the ENTIRE time they have been over-charging me. It's over $300 just for the two years she could go back! This may not be too bad! This probably goes back years and years, and if I can get a credit for the entire thing, I won't have to pay a satellite bill again for a very long time! A word to the wise - better check your bill, especially if you're paying online, and make sure you're only paying for what you think you're paying for!
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    A bit off topic .... I've had Clearwire Internet service for over four years now. For about one year they were charging me for 10 e-mail addresses, when I only has three e-mail addresses! Five e-mail addresses are allowed for no extra cost. They gave me credit retroactive, so that was a nice surprise. I never even knew that I was paying for the extra e-mail addresses, that I never even had!

    I finally upgraded to their fastest service (only 2mbps). I found a good deal online, both Internet and phone for $63. When I check my online bill, it was around $90! I called to complain several times. Each time I called somebody changed my bill, one time lowered it to around $80, then back to $90, then down to $70. Then they cancelled my 2mbps service, and gave us the 1.5mbps service. I called many times to complain, and finally after a couple weeks and many hours on the phone, they fixed the mistakes, and gave me a better deal, for only $57.82.

    I'm not impressed with Clearwire's fastest Internet service. Hoping they will implement their new high tech fast service in our area soon ....