OMG She makes me so tired

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by flutterbee, Mar 11, 2008.

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    This is a mini vent. It's nothing bad. But, OMG, my child will. not. shut. up.

    We took the new foster kitty (another story) to the vet today and of course she had to go. She was non stop the entire time we were hour. She's interjecting things and then going off subject and just on and on and on and on and on.

    Like at one point I was scheduling the booster shot and another kitty needs one so I was thinking I would bring them in at the same time...then said I couldn't cause I only have one carrier. And she looks at me and asks what happened to the other carriers. Not a big deal. A really non-deal, actually, but it was non-stop. I'm trying to talk to the vet and she's just on and on and on. I finally asked her, 'Can you wait???' The vet, bless his heart, just looked at me and chuckled. I tell ya, she was making me dizzy.

    At least after I asked her that and she interrupted me again going off in the other direction from where my conversation was going, I looked at her and sighed and she apologized.

    I *hate* to be interrupted. That's no secret among anyone who knows me. It's rude. My mother does it and it annoys me to no end. But, especially now, if I'm interrupted, better than 50% of the time my entire chain of thought goes right at the window and I have no idea what I was talking about. You know how frustrating that is???

    Ok. She was just yelling for me. She was eating a bowl of cereal in her room and new foster kitty who in the past hadn't had consistent access to food and water was not giving up on getting into her bowl and managed to fling the spoon out....milk and cereal all over the place. I guess I was supposed to be incensed at this horrible injustice done to her, but I was too busy laughing. :rofl:

    And now she wants to talk about. I'm thinking communications is way overrated. :tongue:
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    Know just how you feel. Every so often, I have these lovely images of bright green duct tape across my gorgeous child's mouth. Every so often, she will stop mid-sentence and look at me. Her next words always are, "You want to tape my mouth shut, don't you?" I always wonder what my face looks like at that moment since she knows exactly what I'm thinking.
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    That constant talking just does me in! My difficult child has started that non-stop talking MUCH worse than ever before...and he has ALWAYS interrupted (SO rude)! What do you suppose gets it started, Heather? Does something spur it on? My difficult child is the very worst in the car. Then there's dinner.....omg, no wonder we are finished long before he is.
  4. Star*

    Star* call 911


    When i have that moment I KNOW I look like a deer in the head lights.

    HEATHER - two words -

    Ear plugs.


    ps I can't shop in Walmart without them anymore. My Mom suggested this after I nearly had a fit from all the noise - and now I shop in my own little world. Keeps kids out too - you have long hair - just put them in, nod once in a while and practice those thespian moves - eyebrows up streeeeeetch - surprise.....raise one eyebrow - checking the truth, eyes up to the sky - thinking. A few of those with ear plugs and you are on your way.

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    :bravo:Star! Earplugs in Wal-Mart!!! OMG!!! Why have I never thought of that???!!!! Genius.

    Heather - so with ya. difficult child drives me nuts when he is like that. I am so used to it now, I just tune him out - but then he's like "Uh, Mom, Helloooo?"

    Oh, please - Serenity NOW!
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    :rofl: You guys are too funny.

    I have gotten pretty good at tuning out. To the point that easy child says, You don't hear a thing I say, do you? I do. Sometimes. They ramble. I tune that out.

    It's a bit harder to do when she's interjecting into the conversation, though. When she's just rambling at home I can smile and nod.

    And as far as what prompts it? Well, today she was excited about the kitty. But, she's always been this way. When she was 18 months old, easy child asked if she was ever going to shut up. I told him she was just getting warmed up. She even talked in her sleep!

    Turns out I was right. She was just getting warmed up!

    Duct tape. I dunno why it's illegal. :angel:

    She just came in.

    Wynter: My ears itch when I wear these earrings.
    Me: You might be allergic to the posts on them.
    Wynter: But, it's only this ear.
    Me: Well, then I don't know.
    Wynter: So, what do I do?
    Me: Either scratch your ear or take out the earrings.

    :faint: Is it really that hard? :rofl: :hammer:
  7. GinAndTonic

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    Oh my lord, yes. Sometimes I think "use your words" is overrated, I really do...
  8. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    That is all too funny!!!
    Heather... I had almost the same experience at the vet with K and Indy... But K was also rubbing on everything, touching everything, licking things and TALKING!!! Everytime the vet would leave the room I would plead with her to just sit and be quiet and not~ TOUCH, LICK,ETC.... but it was funny also...
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    Oh, I so know how you feel. difficult child talked nonstop from about 8-9 months until he was 8. HE NEVER STOPPED, not even at night!! It was amazing, and so terribly irritating, esp the interruptions and interjections.

    I started with a hand signal (one my mom used on my bro and I, and the DOG! - she always said the dog did better with it than we did, LOL!). It just meant to stop talking or else. I usually had a chore for the or else, didn't make a big deal of it, just a look, the signal and if he didn't leave us alone that energy went into a chore. My mom suggested this (as she had used it for years - I STILL stop talking when she does that signal!). The tdocs always loved it.

    It did take a while. But after a couple of weeks of working hard on that, it did give me a break when I was really in need.

    I do love the duct tape.

    My gma wore hearing aides. If she didn't like what you said she "scratched her ear" and turned the hearing aide OFF. I want hearing aides so I can turn the kids off. The remote didn't work on them. And nobody would take them back, seems they are out of warranty.