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    I finally hear from katie yesterday. Of course I did, the kids bdays are coming up. She gave us the party plans which was fine as this time she was smart enough to make it the day of Nichole's baby shower so Nichole would already be in town and easy child is throwing the shower so of course she won't be working.

    That mail included that M's boss is raving at him over the water bill at the restaurant and he may lose his job. Not surprising, I've been expecting it.

    Then today she sends husband (never writes to him) a mail talking about the whole water bill thing.......husband has no clue what she's talking about as I didn't feel it important enough to tell anyone.........asking him if it's illegal for the owner to expect M to pay the water bill yadda yadda.....

    So I go online to check my mail. Sure enough I have a similar message. Seems M is telling katie that he's about to lose his job and manager/owner whatever is holding his paycheck to pay the water bill.

    Wow. That load of sh*t is right up there in husband's pathetic lie category, which is really really lousy.

    I'm not sure which is more pathetic, M's cover story or katie's willingness to buy it. :sigh:

    And I decided that for once I wasn't going to be the least bit careful in my response to her and I didn't give a crud who it made mad. I was going to tell her exactly what I'd tell Nichole or easy child had it been them who asked........although they wouldn't ask cuz they wouldn't fall for it.

    I told her:

    1. The restaurant is a franchise. Manager nor owner is going to risk a run in with the top dogs for such a stupid thing. If they have a problem with M they'd fire him.

    2. They can't withhold pay. Period. Might be able to make you pay restitution down the road if you damaged something, but not withhold earnings.

    3. Dishwashers use machines to clean the dishes. M has no control over the amount of water going into that thing, it's automatic. He loads it and unloads it, period.

    4. M has either already been fired or is about to be fired and is making a poor attempt to cover his *ss.

    5. M has either spent the paycheck (or plans to), or didn't receive one this week. (because he'd already been fired)

    Told her straight up he's feeding her a load of bull, and she's a fool if she believes it. Told her there must be a part of her that knows it too or she'd have just believed him and not asked us if this was possible.

    Oh........and manager supposedly told him that he was retarded, so his kids must be retarded too. I told her that was so much crud to distract from his pathetic cover story to get her mad at his boss and not him. IF the manager called him that......well sorry, I've called him much worse myself. lol

    Whatever. I've no more patience for the utter stupidity. He's been playing this same con game on her for more than a decade. You'd think she'd catch on by now.

    No more nice guy. She'd better stop asking me what I think because I'm d*mn well going to keep telling her!
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    Good Grief! DDD
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    OH...........hold on it gets worse.

    She defended him. And she's just as bad at lying. Supposedly she called, spoke with a co-worker who backed up M's story. Supposedly spoke to a "manager" who told her they're with holding 2 paychecks for the water bill. Yet M got into a physical fight with both the owner and a co-worker and managed NOT to get fired.

    Well Heaven help me.

    Either I was born yesterday or they're living in a different reality. :faint:

    Her defending and backing him up? Now makes me wonder if her next mail was going to ask for rent money. Hahahahahahah let her try it.
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    Honey, I think our reality and theirs aren't even in the same galaxy.
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    Must be a different reality. Wow.
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    Makes me wonder what would happen if an "investigative reporter" called the restaurant AND the chain's HQ to ask if they are doing this. Or just a "representative" for M. While I know there ARE small business owners who try to scam employees, to get employees to pay for things the business uses, it is illegal and they don't get away with it for very long. ESPECIALLY not in your area of OH where so much of the population is just looking to sue someone to get their big payday. I am NOT joking about this - I have never heard or seen a placewith so many people so eager to do that.

    If you want, PM the deets (M's name, the name of the franchise and the location of that store) and I could REALLY stir up trouble for him. Sounds like fun to me, lol!

    This is certainly to try to weasel something out of you and husband and easy child and Nichole. 110%. What a HORRIBLE lie.
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    Just wow...

    It just never stops, does it?
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    Oh, wait while I pick my jaw up off the floor....jeepers!
  9. Star*

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    See I'm thinking like Susie* ------

    I would have called her bluff and said

    WELL I am SO OUTRAGED - I called NEWS CHANNEL 10 and they are on their way down to the RESTAURANT to interview this lousy manager and M! NO ONE INSULTS MY sister in law and takes food out of my grandchildrens mouths like this and gets away with it!!!!!!! I sent the NEWS station a copy of YOUR EMAIL and told them EVERYTHING you told me! NOW THEY ARE GOING TO GET TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS!!!!!!!! AND IT WILL BE ON THE SIX AND 11 news.

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    I was going to say toss it back at her with a lie of your own and tell her you called the manager and talked to him, but I like Star's idea.
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    While that would be fun to do...........I'm not going to feed into the drama of her lies. If she's her father's daughter, and she is, it won't help. Better to call her on it and then drop it.

    The whine about how she's desperate for money will be next, if she's brazen enough to go ahead with the plan to ask.
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    If it weren't so pathetic, it would be funny. I must say...I do love Star's idea. Does she get enough benefits that she can afford the rent on her own without M's job? Or did she spend it all on electronics and video games? Hound, you're too kind, I doubt I could control what would come out of my mouth if she pulled that on me.
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    I'm glad you put it all out there to her- good for you! We all spend so much time ignorning the bad behavior and pathetic lies that it's crazy. We should be more forthright with them- it's good for us and they need to hear the truth. Not that it does any good. I've done the same with Kat to no avail, but it sure felt good to put it out there! And I agree, a plea for money will soon follow.

    Good for you Hound dog!
  14. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Okay - tell her you were talking to your girlfriend about this and I was so upset I called the

    Why are these people allowed children?
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    Another twist.

    Nichole had whipped out a response that was similar to mine, even before I'd had the chance to give her a heads up. Katie mailed her back and tried the whole poor pity us routine.....and invited Nichole to dinner in which M was to cook her shrimp......

    One should not mess with a very pregnant female who is currently passing a stone, has a massive Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), and is in no mood for such things. Nichole ignored the invitation and told katie the whole story stunk to high heaven and that M was a lying sack of horse manure, and she's a fool if she falls for it.

    Next thing Nichole knows the dinner invitation is called off. lol Didn't bother her a bit. The thought of M cooking for her made her want to toss her cookies. My guess is they were planning to con lil sis in person. Only lil sis is far brighter than katie.

    You know something sort of funny? Katie and M have been here since October. Not once has either easy child or Nichole said a word to M. Not once. Nichole's husband did. This I didn't find out until LONG after but evidently during one of the family dinners M started in on his nonsense ramblings trying to show off his "knowledge" of computers. Only Nichole's husband was his target, which was outright stupid. Nichole's husband is a programmer. He has his degree in both hardware and software....but is currently writing programs. M's ramblings must have been just too bogus for Nichole's husband to take because Mr. Non-confrontational.....told M off. Once he'd pointed out every wrong thing he'd said, which was everything that had come out of his mouth, he informed him that in the future he might not want to brag to anyone who knows anything about a computer, such as how to turn one on! OMG I don't know how I missed that and I sure wish I hadn't! lmao! Don't tell a computer geek his business. hahaha That's why Travis has to keep his distance too.

    The kid's party won't be cancelled though. She's saying they're asking for expensive gifts. Phht. They won't be getting them. easy child, Nichole and I aren't doing couponing because we're rolling in cash. geez Kayla loves to make things so I'm hitting the craft section at walmart. Alex....well he's a bit tougher but I'm sure I can find him something within my budget. Then it will be another grin and ignore session with M. ugh

    And right after that will be Nichole's baby shower.........I wonder if katie has thought how she's getting there. Because unless she's coming alone, she'll be walking.