OMG, toddler falls and dies, then girlfriend is hanged

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by TerryJ2, Jul 18, 2011.

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    Uh yeah impossible if you ask me. Sounds like a dad flipped out about his son and took revenge. Let's hope he doesn't get the Casey Anthony jury.
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    Could be!
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    Doesn't sound like it was an autoerotic accident, but the detectives don't make the call on suicide vs homicide, they have to wait for the autopsy to have an official ruling. Since the article only mentions the detectives, I would presume that either they don't have that ruling yet or they have been advised not to make it public (since it sounds like a small town that likely had to call in a dept with more experience).
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    As of this afternoon, it's all over the news. I wouldn't know, except that I took the dog to the vet and they had CNN. :)
    They're even calling the toddler's death suspicious, which I find irritating, because lots of kids fall down stairs and I can't tell if it's media hype or if the reporter actually knows something else.
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    Maybe I'm dumb as a box of rocks, or maybe I don't have the proper training. But wouldn't TWO deaths within a week of each other in the same residence set off someone's alarm bells??? Heeellllllooooo!

    Obviously something is going on. Could be domestic violence with the father being the abuser, some are academy award winning actors, seriously. The boy was six, older than a toddler. And hmm.....makes you wonder about that "fall". Now suddenly they *think* girlfriend was a suicide (really and how many suicides stop to tie their own hands? would be a bit of a handicaps in offing yourself) or perhaps murder.

    If dear ol dad thought something was amiss with girlfriend......all he had to do was state his suspicion to police.

    Somethin' don't smell right. And police are already acting like idiots. The boy's case should be reopened and investigated now along with the girlfriend's. I dunno what happened, but you'd think common sense would dictate such, regardless of it was a case of revenge or abuse gone wrong.
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    The kid was 6 and the article I remember reading said he fell off the stair -- and I figured he was playing around an upper landing, maybe on the railing and fell over to the floor below. He was in the hospital a couple of days I believe.

    The girlfriend's death is VERY strange. She was nude, bound, and hanging from a balcony? Who does THAT to themselves? Was she somehow involved in the boy's death?

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    I don't think that the dad was in the house when the girlfriend died - I believe he was at the hospital with his son, but I could be wrong. The girlfriend had been watching the child.

    I personally find it hard to believe that this was a suicide. As for the little boy, it could have just been a tragic accident. I remember when we were house hunting, we saw a gorgeous Spanish style house which was very like houses in parts of CA. We rejected it because our favorite feature, the winding staircase with the railing that went straight down 25' to the living room, was unsafe for our then newborn through 6 year olds.
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    The boy could've been a tragic accident. But just due to the circumstances alone, you'd think they'd investigate to make certain before ruling out that they are connected. Dad may or may not have anything to do with either of them. But police haven't got a clue wth is going on, is my point, until they investigate and find out.
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    Clear as mud, eh? They need to do more homework.