OMG - Wacom Tablet's anybody? Change of plans for my art loving easy child's xmas gift

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    Have any of you heard of Wacom tablets? OMG! My cousin and I were talking and I really didn't want to spend the cash on a ipod touch for easy child (only thing she wanted) because difficult child's bio dad might be getting him a iphone for xmas. Which means he'd be able to pass on his ipod touch to easy child. So I was pondering what could I get her that wouldn't leave her disappointed about not getting a ipod touch.

    My cousin told me about Wacom Bamboo tablets , I'd never heard of them. They are these touch tablets with pens that allow you to do all kinds of amazing graphics and art/drawing projects. They come packaged with fantastic software and what you can do with these is simply amazing. They range, with the pen included, from $129-159 Canadian for a medium size one, a bit less for a smaller one but hte capabilities make a huge difference and for the price difference (not much), the medium tablets seem far better.

    easy child has been taking art classes at a gallery once a week since last spring and she is loving it. Her classes are very professional and her art work is improving and maturing and her skill level is jumping leaps and bounds. She is going to go NUTTY for this tablet. I don't know that she'll come up for air all holidays once she opens it and figures out how to use it.

    Have any of you heard of these? Apparently wacom tablets come in various models and versions and can go up to $2500 plus. So serious graphic artists are really using these products. I'm so excited to see her open hers!!!! Would love to hear reviews on them if you all have experience with them. Other than that, anybody with hard to buy for kids that love art, you should really check them out! Totally neat!
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    Wacom tablets are a way to "draw" on your computer if you prefer using a pen tool to a mouse - but the idea is the same. Using graphics software (such as Adobe Illustrator) you use the Wacom to plot out your drawings and graphics. You do not need a Wacom to use Illustrator and can get the same results using a regular mouse. Some folks just prefer the "feel" of one to the other.
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    Thanks daisy :) I went to their site and watched the videos showing the common functions, I just think these are neat gadgets!! easy child does not much enjoy doing art with a mouse, but with a pen she's going to love it. I like the other functions and think she will too, being able to rotate pics, do actions on the computer etc with the touch pad instead of the mouse. There's some great software that comes with the tablet as well that she'll enjoy so much more having the pen as her tool.
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    husband has had one for several years. it is pretty cool and was so useful when he worked in proposal development that the company bought a bigger one for them to use. It is a pretty cool gadget and can make art and graphic design much more fun on the computer.
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    difficult child loves hers. I got her a different brand a few years ago which was not very good. Got her the wacom last year for Christmas and she still uses it all the time. Plus it is so much easier to install and use than the other brand.

    easy child should love it.
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    I own a wacom tablet (bamboo version) Have a Canadian supplier out in BC with cheaper prices if you want to contact them. My next wacom will be the intrios (you can load photoshop right into the tablet and work off the tablet rather than the computer screen). LOVE my wacom tablet, love love love it. Makes graphics designing that much more easier. I recc wacom big time, they are the top leading company in tablet & pen tech. Worth every freaking red cent you put into the unit, absolutely great product.
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    Thanks Mamaof5. I would appreciate the contact info for the BC supplier if you wouldn't mind PM'ing me with it :). I was planning to order it through a local shop tomorrow because they ship free to the store for pickup (would take 3-5 days for it to arrive at the shop). Also, I have a discount card for the shop so get it basically tax free (15% discount). But if the sale price somewhere else is better, it might save to have it shipped. Worth my looking into at least.

    Very neat about the intrios line. I would love the bamboo (Craft edition) for myself, so if easy child really enjoys hers perhaps in a year or two I'll upgrade hers and I can have the bamboo lol. I love the idea of being able to do some stuff right on the tablet, that would be perfect for easy child who travels a lot with her dad and she'd benefit from being able to occupy herself on long road trips.
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    All their wacom products, they are also a Mac distributor. He's got some great prices around the week before Xmas, I paid 45 for my wacom tablet when it went on sale in the summer a year ago. That was with shipping!!! I have also purchased a laptop cooler and webcam from them never had a problem with shipping (very prompt) and great custie service, owner personally emails you if there is an issue or a backorder, or to confirm the order himself!

    He's one of those old school business owners who likes to get his hands in there with his customers and work with them himself. Great company, even greater business owner & services. Right now that is 80 CND but it comes with Corel Essentials program as well.
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    Thanks Mama! I'll keep checking for a sale on the bamboo craft touch & pen ... right now it's priced at $144.99 plus whatever shipping costs from BC to Ontario, plus the taxes (including the dreadful hst). I can get it local for $159.99 but with my discount, the taxes are paid basically. So unless I could get shipping for less than $5 it is cheaper to get through the shop here. But never know, it could go on sale which would be terrific. I'll hang on to my receipt from the shop here so if it goes on sale I can order from the link you gave me and return the one bought here.

    Update: Just did a price comparison on a site for canadian sellers, and found it from Dell for $109. with free shipping, saving me $50 ... I'm a happy camper!
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