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  1. timer lady

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    I've been missing the last week or so. I've been meeting with the contractor, then the plumber, then the electrician, the plumber again 2 more times, the electrician once more for good measure. The contractor 2 more times.

    I've also had meetings for/with kt; a meeting for wm.

    Having said that, on Thursday the contractor dropped a 30 yard dumpster in front of my home for use on Monday when demolition starts in the bathroom & the roofers arrive.

    My family (brother & his wife, sister & her husband & my dad) arrived Friday afternoon to help me clean up & get rid of a few things before the remodel begins. Suffice it to say my sibs & their spouses along with my dad filled that dumpster out front. Found out there is gorgeous hardwood floors upstairs under all the carpeting; my brother in law took down a wall upstairs.

    I can use my walker through out my entire first level; still cannot get up or downstairs with-o a great deal of help. My brother & brother in law helped me upstairs when all was said & done. I broke down in tears several times today. I'm humbled & overwhelmed all at once.

    All of husband's unhealthy garbage is out of here ~ my dad, at dinner, said a blessing on my home; that it becomes one of healing & peace. I felt honored.

    My niece K moved in today as well. kt comes home for a day pass tomorrow & will be stunned. The only room not touched was hers. My niece K is going to encourage & help kt clean it up so she can paint her room.

    My new living room furniture arrives this coming Friday; my bedroom furniture is on backorder & won't arrive til mid to end of May, however the new mattress will be here. I special ordered it so I can sleep in bed again. My insurance will help with half the cost of the new mattress.

    I'm in the process of picking out flooring & tile for the kitchen, bathroom & new laundry room, so I thought I'd take a moment to update you all.

    Thanks for listening.
  2. mstang67chic

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    Wow Linda, you've been busy! But, it sounds as though it's a GOOD busy. You'll have to post pics of the progress so we can share in the fun that is demo! LOL

    I'm glad your family was there and I'm sure it was a (albeit emotional) good time for all. Good for your Dad too by the way. That sounds like the perfect thing for your house.

    I hope Kt is ok with everything she sees when she has her pass. Maybe with K there, it will help.

    As much as I hate the fuss and mess of renovations, this kind of sounds like fun! Keep us updated and enjoy all of the "new"!
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  3. Lothlorien

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    I'm so happy for you!
  4. ctmom05

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    I am delighted that you are moving forward. Keeping busy and somewhat focused is a big part of healing, or at least staying sane.

    I've got a feeling that you will love what the remodeling job does for your home.

    You know...I am dang proud of you, girlfriend. You've weathered some pretty tough stuff, including your own disability, and mastered more than a person should have to. I guess that is what makes you so special and dear to yoru friends here at CD.
  5. hearts and roses

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    Oh wow, Linda, I'm so happy for you. I know that you are just going to love your new, clutter free, bright and shiny, home! Enjoy that bed and furniture and sense of peace that you've chosen for yourself and kt. Hugs~
  6. mrscatinthehat

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    Wow, what a busy time. I am so glad that your family came in to help out. Many good wishes that the progress goes well.

  7. Hound dog

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    Souns both exciting and exhausting Linda. I'm envious.

    I hope when I finally pull up the carpet in my livingroom I also find the hardwood floors still underneath.

  8. Wiped Out

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    How exciting!! So happy for you!:)
  9. TerryJ2

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    How neat! And how exhausting.
    I can see how you'd be overwhelmed, both by all the activity and disruption, but your physical condition and the assistance you need.
    So sweet about your dad's blessing.
  10. WhymeMom?

    WhymeMom? No real answers to life..

    Sending good thoughts in your RENEWAL process of remodeling....... Enjoy the changes YOU have selected!
  11. Star*

    Star* call 911

    I think what your Dad said was about one of the most lovely and heartwarming things I've heard said over a dinner in a long, long time....

    Your Dad really loves you! And for brother in law to show up and help after being such a gimme gimme? Bravo - hope he really got to see how much help you needed and weren't in the place to give - ugh.

    Nice to see that spark in you Linda -
  12. timer lady

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    Star ~ not the same brother in law. This is my older sister's husband. I'm one of 6. Third in line to the estate, if you will. :bigsmile:

    My dad is a remarkable man; husband for 55 years, father of 6 children, grandfather to 29, great grandfather of 3 soon to be 4. He'll be 80 in June & is working out 3x weekly at the gym ~ buffing up for his golf league starting next month. He baked me cookies & brought them up last weekend.

    Demolition started in the bathroom yesterday. My niece K & I spent the day running around looking at tile, flooring & paint swatches. Before we left the plumber & I spent a good hour looking thru catalogs picking out fixtures for the bathroom.

    Today the plumbers will be in all day & the contractor will be starting work on the porch - soon to be laundry room.

    The contractor is taking before & after pictures as the construction goes along ~ I'll get a CD of those pictures that I can share once the project is complete.

    Hopefully once all the decisions are made I'll be here a bit more often.

    Ladies, you have given me the highest level of support over the last 2 very difficult years ~ I hope to return in kind on a more regular basis sooner rather than later. Thank you .

  13. JJJ

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    I'm so excited for you. Please post the before and after pictures when it is all done!