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    I had written to difficult child on Facebook cause my sister told me he was still posting. I didn't know how from prison but thought "Ok maybe they allow that... Well I got a message back today from girlfriend. She says that it has been her posting all along trying to keep his account open for him. UG!!!! Alot of my relatives and friends have friended him because either they want him to know they care or they felt bad refusing. I have just notified all family/friends to unfriend him cause it isn't him and am debating reporting this. I do not believe he told her to do this but admit I could be wrong about that. I think she is just trying to keep tabs on me and the family (creepy). I posted a nice public announcement on my page telling them that she apologises for any confusion (her words)and then PMed everyone asking them to unfriend difficult child. What a way to start off a weekend! -RM
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    that is weird because I dont think you have to keep it stays open. I havent been on my Myspace in a really long time and its still there because I get notices from time to time. I dont know when the last time I was on FB either but its still there.
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    I know Janet that is why I am so creeped out by this. Maybe my son didn't realize this and asked her to post for him but I have no way of knowing. She has bee posting as him things to the effect of how much He needs her, that he has no one else in the world, that he loves her more than anything and untill the end of time etc. I knew she was weird, would have to be to date difficult child in the situation he was in, but this is sick. husband says that maybe difficult child asked her to post this stuff. I told him that maybe he needed to go see difficult child and ask. The thing is this has been going on for a month now and she just came clean to me today because I messaged him to contact me through FB. Because of the deception I am now wondering if she just told him she was pregnant so he would take the rap for something she did??? Is she stalking the family through FB to see if we know or suspects anything? Lots of questions running through my mind. So far only a few of the family have responded to my message to unfriend him. T he only other thing I can do is shut them both down by reporting that she hijacked his account.
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    Really weird. I would have the whole family unfriend him - and send him a letter letting him know that you suddenly became aware that someone "hacked into his account", and therefore, "for his safety", no one will be posting on facebook.
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    I'm on it Steely. I did indeed notify the family and the friends that I knew but haven't notified difficult child yet. -RM
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    You don't have to do anything to keep a fb acct open. I know that much, and I'm not that fb savvy. Even if it does happen to close, for whatever reason, it's nothing to open it again. phht

    That she might want to post because he wants people to think he can (or maybe is not in jail) is not so weird. That she's posting stuff he is supposed to be saying to her that is creepy.

    I think you did a wise thing.

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    Thanks Hound. She wrote to me agian last night. See my new thread. -RM