OMGosh, a normal Q moment! s/l evaluation

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by buddy, Nov 30, 2011.

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    I took Q for his private s/l evaluation. On the way he started blurting all the sexual stuff....I knew it was a "this is a new thing" kind of situation but he was escalating so I turned the car around and said it was not important. He fell apart and begged me to turn around... so I said he had to show me his relaxing because there were gonna be little ones in there and I had to make sure they were comfortable.

    So the girl comes out to get Q and looks at me and says why do I know you.... I said C???? she said, OMGosh, we went to grad school together. she adopted twins so ...

    I met with her first, and she said, wow, looks like he is mostly having issues with behavior (only saw the IEP and last assessment where he refused to test iwth Speech Language Pathologist (SLP))... I said, no his language scores are well below his developmental scores but I said he usually likes this stuff, but expalined the place he is in now so if it doesn't work, no biggie, we really wanted the Occupational Therapist (OT) piece to help with the changing sensory needs...

    So she came and got him, he said a few ugly things to me, but quietly, went into the office and I didn't see him for an hour. He came out smiles and she said seh got through like four things! When we got home he asked when he could go to that Occupational Therapist (OT) place again!!!!

    Yipee!!!! I said, did you like her, he said YES!
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    Glad Q was able to pull it together and that he was relaxing.

    Got to be soooo comforting to know that a) you KNOW her and b) Q LIKES her!!
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    Glad things went so well!! :D There is nothing worse than going through all the red tape necessary to get an evaluation and then having your difficult child refuse to cooperate. Keeping my fingers crossed that this evaluation helps you get appropriate s/l services for him... SFR
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    That is so wonderful. So glad that he "wants" to go back. And that things went so well.
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