Omgosh...graduation time

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    I just got a graduation announcement in the mail from Tony's nephew. He is graduating this June from HS. I cant believe it. Number one I cant believe he is that number two this is a kid that was a throwaway kid. He was always different and I believe somewhere on the autistic spectrum. Probably high functioning. He couldnt tie his shoes the last time I saw him.

    When his parents got pregnant with him they were cokeheads. His mom told me she wanted to see what having a kid was like. I looked at her and said getting a puppy would have been better. Eventually mom moved on and left the boy with Tony's brother but Dad wasnt much of a father and he ended up in jail over and over and the boy ended up with Tonys sister for probably most of his teen years. Best thing for him even if I dont much like her.

    Now he is graduating. I am so thrilled for him!!!
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    Good for him! And Tony's sister! :D :D

    It's awful, but my eldest neice is approaching her mid 30's. OMG!! I still remember changing her diapers. And in my mind's eye, she's about 6 yrs old. lol

    Talk about feeling your age. Only good thing about it is I'm the baby of the family. So......every one of my sibs will ALWAYS be older than me. :D