OMWOW!!! New home is great!!

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    The house we are renting is AWESOME!! The bedrooms are a little small, but it has a big living room, nice kitchen, big pantry, great laundry area, rural water but NOT a well so it won't eat my washer hoses the way ours does! A big FENCED yard, a fire pit where the scouts used to camp out, a big outbuilding with electricity, and a 2 car garage with door openers on each door and the kids won't need a key because they can use the garage door opener code!!!

    Even more???

    A BIG HOT TUB!!! That is SOOOOOOO NICE!!!!!! I am just in shock and SOOO THRILLED!!! We will cover their mortgage and HOA fees, and we will be paying less than half of our mortgage and have the same or lower bills!!!!!

    Even nicer, the electricity works in all the rooms. When they wired our house they messed something up so for four years we have had to use extension cords to power our living room. Six electricians and two inspectors could NOT figure out the problem wtih our electric, so this is nice!! Plus the dishwasher works - our hard water just ate up our dishwasher!!!

    I am THRILLED!! It isn't in town, but it is in a nice little area and a deputy lives next door so I won't have problems wth bro or anything - EVER.

    There is even a fenced dog run, though we don't have a dog. The neighbors have a bunch of chickens too.
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    Everything happens for a reason. Some good karma caught up with you. Bout time if you ask me, you guys have been overdue for a while now. :)

    Enjoy it!
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    OH I am so happy for you and also a little jealous! I hope this brings you a ton of peace of mind and great family time...... HUGS Susie!
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    Excellent news! I'm so very happy for you! Maybe you'll get some fresh eggs too!
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    Great news and very happy for you :)
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    This is AWESOME news!!!

    Now I am GLAD that one door closed for you!
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    I'm very happy for you, Susie,

    Love, Esther
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    Susie that sounds wonderful for you all the way around. Also sounds like your life will be quite a bit easier and a HOT TUB to boot???!!! Lucky you!!! That should help with your aches and pains for sure. I am jealous! Enjoy, it's about time! ;)
  11. Star*

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    2012 IS GOING TO BE (Y) our YEAR!!!!!!!

    I AM THRILLED FOR YOUR FAMILY and the fact that YOU with your aching body got a hot tub? Prayers answered!
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    :bath: Congratulations!!!
  13. DammitJanet

    DammitJanet Well-Known Member Staff Member did say I am moving in right? And that dog run is for one of the puppies?
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    Janet, If we had one more room I would invite you. Not at all joking. The dog run would be perfect for the puppies once it gets mowed (it is the only overgrown part of the yard) and the hole that their dog dug is filled in. It is right under the fence, but this is out in the country with just a few good neighbors and is just beautiful. Plus out in the country there is no leash law, so no animal control to come pick up dogs who get out. Cops will if the dog bites someone or livestock, but that is all. Not as lush as where you are, but in my opinion OK is very pretty here.
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    By the time I get there you can get there you can get the back yard fixed for a puppy and I can sleep on the sofa fora night or two. I need to get rid of these

    I am going to post their picture is the next day or two on here so no one can turn them down!
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    Janet, this is a totally nonsmoking house. No smoking anywhere on the premises. the owners are still trying to sell and we are month to month or I would invite you down for a while. Around here most of the rentals are now nonsmoking. Even ones that I know dang well have had tenants that smoke and are still owned by smokers are listed as nonsmoking and the fees for smoking on the premises are HUGE. We don't have a penalty in our lease because we are friends of the owners, but I saw one place that was $250 for each cigarette budt on the outside premises incl in trash cans and was $350 for each one inside the house. An odor of smoke inside the home is a fee of $400-$1000 depending on the place. in my opinion this is NOT so much because tenants don't want to live somewhere that people are smoking but rather is just another way to keep deposits and squeeze $$$ out of people. Heck, 2 of the mobile home parks that are owned by people I know have gone totally nonsmoking to the point that you cannot smoke inside a mobile home that you own!! They changed the leases wehn people renewed them, without making ANY mention of it unless the tenant saw it and asked about it. The really nasty part about this is that the owner and his kids and their wives ALL are smokers and they are allowed to smoke in the office but no one else can. I know them and when I mentioned that it seemed pretty unfair that they could smoke but tenants who had been there for decades and were always smokers could not. The answer I got really changed my opinion of the woman (wife of the son of the owner) because she was soooo snotty and hypocritically nasty and said some really horrible things about the people who smoke. We haven't spoken since because I mentioned that as a smoker she was talking about herself.
  17. Hound dog

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    Susie, I'd be taking some folks to court over some of those smoking policies. Ok, maybe a landlord can get away with it in a home they own if tenant has signed a lease stated that way (not those fees though, a judge would toss it and make it be paid back) prior to moving in..........but the trailer park owner would have a rude awakening in court. Outside on the grounds, maybe, inside their own property seriously doubtful. Heck......even on the grounds, seriously doubtful. I had a landlord who *thought* she could impose fees for walking on the grass, 20 bucks a pop. Uh, no. You can have the rule, but not the fees.

    And honestly? If people don't stop this koi, I'm never going to quit because it makes me go full blown difficult child. Folks & govt are using the smoking bit to progressively stomp all over peoples personal rights.....far beyond smoking, it's just what opened the door regardless that it is a totally legal substance. It is something that will make me furious instantly, dig in my heels, and go all stubborn. Sure it's not the healthiest habit in the world, but it's still legal, and as long as it is, smokers deserve the same rights as other folks.

    They wouldn't dream of doing such things with alcohol because they know it wouldn't be tolerated. Smokers seriously need to get peeved enough to start taking them to court over this crud.

    Ohio found out rather quickly that their new laws concerning smoking are unenforceable and folks flat out ignore them and literally dare someone to do something about it. Restaurants and businesses have returned the ashtrays to right outside the door instead of 100 ft away. People will only be pushed so far before they start pushing back. And it will backfire just as prohibition did. All these idiotic smoking policies have done was make me understand why my grandpa was a rum runner. sheesh

    Sorry. I got off on a tangent. I haven't had enough sleep or any coffee yet.
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    Here they can get away with any fee they want unless it is subsidized housing as long as the fees are in the lease when you sign it. But they cannot take a person who has lvied there for years and try to toss them out for something like smoking. They get away with it when a new lease is signed by not showing that it is a change until AFTER you sign - too many people don't read what they sign.

    I like having a smoking area be away from the door. Esp as over the last few years even walking past smokers makes me wheeze. Nothing EVER made me wheeze and I don't have an asthma diagnosis. But my allergies/sensitivities have gotten very strong. Odd as I smoked socially and at times of depression for years. never more than a few months at a time, but it has been years since I did that and now I have a real problem if I walk past/through smoke.

    I do think it is totally unreasonable not to have an outside smoking area. in my opinion it shoudl be covered so when it rains or snows there is some protection. I also think restaurant and bar owners who do not offer kids items or menus should be able to have smoking inside. That is totally not allowed in our state. But they can have hookah bars as long as they don't smoke anything illegal. Or serve alcohol. None of these rules makes ANY sense to me except the kids one. I do think that if a business wants to attract children then it should not have smoking. Or they need a totally closed off area with a separate ventilation system.

    For crying out loud, I am an adult and I can make the decision to not go into a bar if it is a smoking bar. Why should they take that responsiblity to control exposure to smoke in a business away? If I choose to go into a place that caters to adults only and has smoking, why do I not have that choice if they serve things other than smoke from hookahs? Here even the hookah bars cannot have cigar or cigarette smoking for some ignorant reason. Why would hookah smoking be different than cigarette smoking unless the hookah had pot? that sn't legal here and IS prosecuted, so that is not what they have at the hookah place from the ads I have seen. they just have flavored tobaccos. Stupid.

    I do think that if you attract kids with kids meals, toys, play areas, then smoking shouldn't be there.
  19. AnnieO

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    As a former smoker... CHAIN smoker...

    Not being able to smoke in public buildings in the entire state was ridiculous. I can't play billiards without a beer and a cig, ya know? (Well, I probably can NOW, but still.)

    I work on a military installation. Some of the tile has cig burns from years past. Now we have to be at least 50ft from the buildings. Except our designated smoking area is about 10ft away. No shelter. So my car, till recently, REEKED cause that's where I went.

    At home? Not in the house. At all. We have a 1-car garage in between the 1.8-car garage and house, that we called the work room and now call the smoking room - that's for inclement weather - outside when it's nice. I used to spend a lot of time out there.

    When I had a job where I smoked at my desk I was productive. As a smoker and not allowed inside? My productivity dropped - because I was taking breaks. (15 min AM, 15 min PM and lunch). Since I quit? I still take my breaks... I just don't smoke.
  20. donna723

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    I agree that a lot of the anti-smoking policies have gotten completely out of hand to the point of ridiculous! They all jumped on the "politically correct" bandwagon and seem to be trying to outdo each other. I worked for the State in a close security prison for 24 years and I am also a smoker. When I first started there, we could all smoke in our individual offices and we were very productive, hardly ever took breaks at all. Then they restricted smoking to one room in our building so we all started taking morning and afternoon breaks there and part of our lunch breaks. If we had work that we could take to this room to do, we did. Then came the Great Edict From On High that there would be no more smoking in any State buildings. In our department it was decided to phase it in a little at a time and our warden, a nasty vindictive little man who had recently been forced to quit smoking because of his health volunteered OUR institution to be one of the first! It was left up to each institution how to implement the rules that stated no smoking in State buildings. Most institutions designated an outdoor area for smoking and constructed some sort of shelter for their staff. Not us! Our warden, with the zeal of the newly-reformed former smoker designated that there would be no smoking on the entire property ... all 52 acres of it! This is out in the boonies, surrounded by thick woods as far as you can see, but we couldn't even smoke in our own cars in the farthest corner of the parking lot! The little turd was so ate up with enforcing his regulations that he spent most of the day riding around the property on a golf cart trying to catch people smoking! So, while the people in the downtown offices had a smoking area right outside their building, if we wanted to smoke, we had to get in our cars and drive 1.7 miles down the road to the closest place that we could pull off the road and NOT be on State property. And while we were down there, he'd come riding by on his golf cart, giving us the evil eye!

    But since I'm gone from there now, I don't care anymore! And it does have kind of a funny ending. Our nasty little gnome of a warden ended up being forced into an unwanted retirement! And a former co-worker (one of the smokers that he persecuted) saw him walking down the street one day ... and he was SMOKING! That horrible, nasty, lying, vindictive little turd of a man had started smoking again! Hearing that just made my day!! I hadn't laughed that hard in years! I just wish it had been ME that caught him