On a good note--We had so much fun this weekend

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by mog, Mar 22, 2010.

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    We went to a wedding for a friend of ours this weekend and it was so much fun. :wine: It started off slow because we only knew the bride, groom and two couples but one of the couples was in the wedding so it was just he other couple and us for a while which was ok for husband because they just talked about what has been happening at work since husband isn't there anymore. His wife and I chatted a little but you know how it is when they are just talking work. Later in the evening I was watching a friends baby that is about 18 months old and she was so much fun. I was tickling her feet and her neck and she would crawl up into a ball. She was only wearing socks and after a couple of times of balling up she took her socks off herself and put her feet back in my hands it was soooo cute.:princess:
    After the last of the reception "duties" when the groom and bride got to just enjoy the party is when things really got fun. The other couple that we had been talking to had already left and after the reception was ended they invited a couple of us to their suite to hang out and party. OH MY GOSH --I have not had so much fun in I don't know how long. We were jumping from room to room and floor to floor so security wouldn't kick us out for being loud. We finally decided to go to our room at 3;30 in the morning. husband and I spent quality time together having fun for a change --not just court and visitations. We both are trying harder on our relationship lately :couple::redface:. You know we really never had time alone together without kids since we both had kids from previous marriage so it's been "interesting" trying to figure out where we stand now that the kids are gone. (until difficult child comes home)
    Anyway we had a GREAT TIME!!!
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    That is so cool!!! I hope people have that much fun at my wedding later this year!

    I am so glad you got some alone time to just let loose!