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    I found the online high school our state accredits. Last year, after the car accident they didn't offer any classes before 9th grade. So this year I find classes for 6th graders! (now I know where thank you will do middle school if I have my say - our middle school is AWFUL! they messed up TWO of my kids!)

    I would LOVE to send Jessie to the jr high for 9th grade. But after her stomach flu birthday that she STILL is not fully over, to her back problems, the writing is on the wall.

    It is a free option. I am glad I put a note in my computer last year to call about htis, registration ends 2 weeks before school starts - and no matter what they will NOT enroll after that.

    Anyway, at least she will get high school credit! Wish us luck.
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    Good luck. Our sd attempted to tell us Nichole could not attend an online school.......in order not to lose their federal money for her. They out right lied. Of course it didn't work because I already had done my homework on it long before they were ever informed.

    Nichole did very well online. :)
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    It really can be a Godsend to have online available. Yes, the schools will lie...or be uninformed. If you call your State Education hdqs you will get the correct info. Just make sure to write down the name and extension of
    the person you speak to there. Good luck. DDD
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    My school provided Jana with one online class so that she could graduate a year early because they changed driver's ed from 1 credit to 1/2 the year she took it and forgot to tell anyone. It was a good experience for her.