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    I have been considering this for several years. The biggest reason is that I'm having a difficult time with- the idea that my hamburger used to be a living & breathing animal. I almost have to disassociate to be able to enjoy the meat.

    So are there any vegetarians among this group? What I'm looking for is a starting place. A good book to read - an online forum. My biggest challenge is going to be that hubby is Mr. Meat and Potatoes. No kidding.

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts/advise.
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    Not sure if there are any "followers" of this forum who are veggies. Here are some links though -


    Hope you find some yummy recipes. Since trying to kick up my weight loss, I've gone to some soy/veggie options - I now use the soy/veggie cheese. It's great! It melts and tastes like real cheese. Even sprinkled on a salad it tastes great. You should try it. They have chedder, motz, and then a blend. I also use the Morning Star recipe starters crumbled "sausage". It's great in an omlet or in spagetti. Not an animal product and very low in fat. My grocer has a section in the produce department where all the soy/veggie option foods are kept.

    Another thing is tofu. I never wanted to try it - it just seemed gross to me. But it really does pick up the flavors of that it is cooked with. Here's one we love. Get the firm tofu and cube. Make a variation of general tsau's chicken by sauteing onions and brocolii with the tofu and then adding sugar free orange marmalade, roasted sesame seeds and soy sauce. Serve over brown rice or whole wheat cous cous. It's good. You can make husband some with chicken too.

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    I'm not a vegetarian, but I love tofu and vegetables and make a lot of meatless meals just because I like to.

    Here is a book on how to get started:
    [ame="http://www.amazon.ca/Becoming-Vegetarian-Complete-Adopting-Healthy/dp/0470832533"]Amazon.ca: Becoming Vegetarian: The Complete Guide to Adopting a Healthy Vegetarian Diet, Revised and Updated Edition: Vesanto Melina, Brenda Davis: Books[/ame]

    I too recommend extra firm tofu. There are so many delicious ways to prepare it. I slice it thinly and saute in a dollop of olive oil and some tamarind sauce. Sometimes I coat it in a garlic-and-wheat-flour mixture and sling it into the deep fryer...I really like it.

    Edamame (soy beans in the shell), is also a wonderful option. I eat those as a snack ALL THE TIME. Keeps me off the cheesies and chips.

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    I am not a vegetarian but difficult child 2 is. She can't eat soy so I don't use tofu but rely on eggs and beans and rice for protein. husband is also a meat and potatoes guy so I share your problem of finding something for every one.

    For dinner, I usually have some kind of meat, simply prepared, for husband and difficult child 1. Then I have potatoes or rice as a side for everyone. Sometimes I will have a veggie dish that can be a meal for difficult child 2 as a side for everyone else. Sometimes I just add beans or a veggie burger for difficult child 2 and a simple vegetable for everyone.

    I get a box of produce delivered to my house every week. I can order what I want but I also get the "local box". I don't get to pick what is in the local box. It is just whatever is available. Then I have to look for ways to use up that produce. It has caused me to try some new vegetables that I never liked before. I search the internet for recipes using whatever item I have. I like www.allrecipes.com. If you have a farmer's market nearby, you could shop there.

    For lunch, difficult child 2 and I have been having a lot of vegetarian lettuce wraps and ratatouille over rice. I also make a big pot of Mexican rice that we eat for the rest of the week. Here are a few recipes: http://recipes.recipeland.com/recipes/recipe/show/Easy_Ratatouille_26994

    Although I am not a vegetarian, I have found from cooking this way, that I no longer feel the need to have meat at every meal.
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    I lean more towards no meat. I do eat some because of husband and the kids eat it sometimes.
    I would most likely be full time. I do crave fish at times.
    I started with the Moosewood cookbooks. I get Eating Well mag, they have a lot of veggie and the meat dishes can be changed to veggie. Same with Cooking light.
    I have so many vegetarian cookbooks, I have just spent hours in books stores especially used ones and just sat and looked though them.... bought the ones that looked like I might actually cook the food.
    I cook a lot of indian food and grains. Last night I made the Hot and Sour soup out of the Moosewood cookbook, it has tofu and mushrooms. It is so good. Even the girls love it!!!
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    I am a vegetarian, however I do eat cheese and eggs (once in a blue moon).

    Initially, I found it real easy to transition and create new meals and try different things. I did try tofu as a meat substitute and I have to say, "Big EW". It's just not a substitute in regards to texture. Taste isn't too bad because tofu will adopt whatever flavors you are cooking with. It was the texture that got me. Too soft, to something, I'm not sure. So, I make do without. I was getting a bit burnt out on beans, but now what I do is try to incorporate them into meals, rather than make them the main course. You can create an excellent crunchy salad with a wide variety of veggies and toss in a LF grated cheese and some chickpeas or small red kidneys and it's delish.

    Check out www.recipezaar.com and www.vegetariantimes.com for recipes that are vegetarian - you will be delighted by the variety of dishes using no meat (many have substitute and you should try them - you may like them).

    We also eat a lot of brown rices and black rices (they have higher protein levels than white rice) as well as whole grain pastas. We've even eaten a pasta made from Jerusalum Artichoke flour, which I absolutely love. I use those petite diced tomatoes and make light pasta dishes incorporating diced up peppers, olive, fresh herbs, etc. Just mix it up, tap into your creative side and play with the ingredients. I subscribe to the vegetarian times and I have used so many of their recipes over and over again. We have one that is great called Roasted Tomatillo Tacos - difficult child's favorite.

    We were invited to our neighbor's for dinner one night and he didn't know I was vegetarian. I ate a little chicken. It was soooo good, as chicken was always my favorite. But that was it. I haven't eaten it since. I was thinking that we will get a free range, organically fed turkey for thanksgiving and I will allow myself to have a little bit. No guilt.

    I have a really hard time thinking of putting the food in my mouth knowing it had feelings and was tortured at the time of it's death. They say that certain hormones are released in their fearful bodies that is toxic to it's meat and that is carried over to us if we eat it. I don't like that idea of that. I am okay with eating cage free eggs from birds that have been fed organically - there are a lot of farms around here I buy from.

    I know it sounds irrational, but I look at my pups and I see no difference between them and the cows, chickens, lamb, pigs, etc.

    The other night H asked if I wanted to go to Five Guys Burgers and Fries and a part of me wanted to say, "Yeah - mmmmm" but then a feeling of revulsion came over me and I just said no thanks. Poor man is desperate for meat.
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    Thanks for the ideas folks. I'm on day # 2 , and doing OK. I need to tell my husband at some point.

    JoG - Thank you for your thoughts. I have had a difficult time with the idea that what sits on my dinner plate used to be breathing. It's gotten worse as I have aged.

    I can remember as a kid, my mom had this fur coat from a garage sale. It just sickened me to think that fur used to be on an animal.

    Thanks - I might be asking you lots of questions.
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    I think a lot of people have just cut back.
    I know someone who cooks vegetarian at home, but will eat fish and chicken when she goes out.
    Cutting back makes much sense to me. I always thought that we eat way too much meat and not nearly enough vegetables and fruit.
    I'm not sure we need much pasta at all and we likely need little bread...there are other sources of fiber like beans, fruit, nuts, etc.
    Also, many people are really gluten sensitive.
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    If hubby is still vege resistant, I have a suggestion. Try cooking a meal with a vegetarian entree that has some familar ingredients in it.

    Make the side dishes with ingredients that he has had before and really, really likes! Don't even hint to him that he is taking part in your vegetarian adventure.
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    Actually I made a vege split pea soup on Friday night - and he never said a word. He never asked "Where's the ham??" LOL. He said it was 'tasty'.

    I think he will be open to eating vegetarian meals occasionally. Just gonna take baby steps.