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    There was a mom a dad, 2 sons and a daughter that set out to go skiing.
    They had just moved to the mountains and it was the mom's birthday...December 23, 2000.

    The father looked at the map and decided he would go through the mountains to the ski resort by going over a pass they had never traveled yrs earlier when they had gone on family ski trips.

    They got to a town called "Como". It was a quaint little town in what seemed like the middle of nowhere but you had to drive through it to begin the drive over the mountain pass.

    When they got to the other side of the town...there was a long yellow gate that was opened. They drove on through...no one was around. There was a stretch of road before starting up on this particular mountain and the drive in the beginning was not significant...but soon the road seemed to narrow and the mom could see the drop off on her side of the truck. There were no siderails...and the truck began to slide.

    Mom began to panic! She kicked her feet against the glove compartment, she even yelled for her husband to put the truck into 4 wheel drive. Her heart was racing...but finally, ever so slowly...they made it around to the top...and got high centered in 4 feet of snow!

    The father and the oldest son began to dig, trying over and over again to get some traction...just enough that maybe they could get out of this mess and either turn back or continue on...but their digging was useless. They were stuck!

    There was no phone to call help then. There was little food...only candy and some sprite and they had told no one about going on this trip. The mother "knew" they only had a few hours of daylight left and then they might be in REAL danger! This was not the familar. This was wild country...there were mountain lions and bears.

    The family set out to make the long hike down the mountain to get back to the tiny town they had passed through on their way.

    But trouble would come again as the son's began to want some excitement, a thrill, maybe even to see just how far their mother would go to try and stop them...or save them.

    The son's first took their boots off in the snow...which of course worried mom. What if they get frostbite? Then came eating the snow...they are making themselves colder up here the mom thought to herself.
    But the trouble had just begun...The father and daughter stayed the course but the son's were now hell bent on sliding down a treacherous hillside...a shortcut to the winding dirt road far below.

    Mom began to panic again! They could cut themselves on the rocks! What if one broke a leg??? She began to scream at them, to beg them, to even yell to God..."Someone please help us!" but there was seemingly no one there.

    The son's continued on with their antics when they got to the bottom of the steep hill...they found a creek and decided to play around it as the mother made the frantic run around the road to get to the bottom of the hillside.
    The son's did not care...they even laughed at their mother. She was exhausted but the walk was not over.

    Finally, they got to the bottom of the mountain. It was getting dark but they could see the little town in front of them and it gave them momentum to keep going. They were all tired...the mother in particular was exhausted from so much emotion expelled on that mountain that day.

    When they got to the town they knocked on the door of a little store. A man and his dog came to open the door and was very confused as to why they were there. The store was closed and the man lived there with a house attached. He let them use the phone to make a call for help and he let them buy food and drinks as they were very hungry.
    As they were leaving the store the man told them..."The pass should have been closed, I don't know why the gate was opened".

    The family had survived this harrowing experience...but it was only the beginning...

    This "story" is real. This happend to my family shortly before my son's became involved with drugs. I was thinking about it today and it occured to me...my belief, that this was a picture of the years to come. The behavior's of each family member could be captured in this one day's events.
    We survived...we are still surviving. And I believe God left that gate open.

    Thanks for reading, letting me share.
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    It's amazing how unusual experiences can really bring out people's true characters.

    Thanks for sharing!