One in 10 children with autism overcome condition by age nine, study finds

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    One in 10 children with autism overcome condition by age nine, study finds - Telegraph UK

    Some of the children in the study, which is still ongoing, were diagnosed by an autism specialist before the age of five but no longer meet the diagnostic criteria for autism.

    The findings, presented by University of Connecticut psychology professor Deborah Fein, suggest the children recovered after undergoing years of intensive behavioural therapy.
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    Interesting idea...

    I'm a bit uncomfortable with the term "recover", though.
    I wonder if the successful interventions mean that the group of children initially diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), who are later considered "recovered" may receive successful interventions that allow them to function in the world in a normal manner, with fewer impairments.

    Perhaps, their neurological difference no longer causes them to have functional deficits.

    However, I am quite uncomfortable with the idea that somehow they're not autistic anymore.

    Still, very thought provoking.

  3. This is an interesting idea, however I don't view autism as something one can recover from. in my opinion you can find a way to manage things and be appropriately functional in society however autism is always something one has.
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    Sorry. Don't buy it. You can prove anything you want with a "study". Depends on how you go about it.

    I do believe that you can help them function better. Cure? Nope, don't buy it. I've been living in a family where nearly every male is autistic........generations of them. Just don't see it. They can function on different levels, but the autism is still very much still there.