One of his teachers is going to an aspie conference

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    I can't believe I forgot to tell you this!!

    There is a particular teacher who has kept an eye on difficult child and picked him out as being a trouble-maker, and not behaving appropriately at all after school. There is a diff between his in-class behavior and his after-school behavior. I have been called into her office twice lately.

    She, the homeroom teacher, and the principal were the people I met with-last wk when I gave them the results of difficult child's testing and told them flat-out that he was aspie. She's always been very intense and um, how do I say, not the friendliest person. But when I gave her the paperwork, her face lit up and she devoured ea and every page. :D

    The principal pulled out a piece of mail that highlighted a dr who is traveling around, giving talks on Asperger's for educators. One of the sites was local and I considered going, except that I was worried that much of the terminology would be educator-speak. :sick:

    I saw this particular teacher in the hallway the other day. She was smiling and she waved me down. "I'm going to the local Asperger's conference!
    I'll let you know if I find out anything that I can pass along!"


    Night and Day.

    She is definitely an intense, book person, not the touchy-feely type. Doesn't waste time talking about the weather. And now she's on a mission.
    I am one lucky person.
    Woo hoo!!!!
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    That is awesome!
    That is like K's Teacher. Her having a son in High School who has Low Functioning Autism, fully gets it and can handle anything at this point!
    Good for her for going to this Conference!
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    This is very good news!!:)
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    That's great. You're very lucky. Let me know if you find anything good out!