One Of Those Days...


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Ugh!! So frustrated today. The kids had a party at the bowling alley for the end of the league. Easy Child said he didn't want to go, so H and I weren't going to make him go and said he could stay home. I did go to talk to Easy Child before we were supposed to leave and just about had him convinced go, when Difficult Child blows a gasket aboutit, screaming at Easy Child that he needs "to learn respect" and that I should punish him for not wanting to go. Easy Child is part of the team and the party is for the whole team, and he needs to go. After being screamed at Easy Child really didn't want to go, and I can't say that I blame him.

I tell Difficult Child to get ready to go, when he suddenly decides that he "can't" go because Easy Child isn't going, and that I should make sure Easy Child knows that "ruined the whole day for everyone." I told Difficult Child that just because Easy Child doesn't want to go doesn't mean the rest of us couldn't go, and that if anyone "ruined" the day it was him and his ultimatum like demands.

After a little while H talks Easy Child into going to the party, so we go and tell Difficult Child to get ready because Easy Child is going to the party, only to have Difficult Child now say he can't go because he just started a game on his computer and couldn't leave now, and it's all our fault because we never told him we were going to try to get Easy Child to go, and now we had to go without him. After a few minutes, horrified that we would actually leave without him, he finally got off the game and got into the car.

We get there, and Difficult Child doesn't like the food (hero sandwiches and pizza), so he doesn't eat. One the way home (the party was only 2 hours, but by the time we got there is was a half hour into the party) he says that he's hungry and wishes that he had his wallet with him because he would ask H to stop at Subway so he could get something to eat. What does H do? Takes the kid to Subway. After Difficult Child got out of the car I looked at H and said, "You're kidding, right? After the way he behaved today, you take him to Subway?"

We get home and it's 3:30, and H says, "What are you going to make for dinner?" I replied that it's Saturday (our usual take out night) and I wasn't planning on making anything for dinner. Apparently, without discussing it with me, H decided that we'll do take out night tomorrow, and that I was going to cook tonight. So now I'm annoyed that I have to figure out something to make, and the Difficult Child has a whole new meltdown because I'm making dinner (pigs in a blanket and French fries) and he wasn't planning on eating that tonight.

Seriously, it was just one of those days where I just couldn't win.


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Yes, some days it seems like anything we do is "wrong", and doing nothing is "wrong" and... WE end up with the blame.

Hope you get to enjoy a nice soak in the tub, or a good book, after the "guys" have gone to bed (or sooner).


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Personally, I would have walked out the door and taken myself out for some shopping therapy. I refuse to be treated like a doormat by my family. :shopping:

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(((hugs))) I'm sorry it was such a rotten day! I would have been super ticked off with my husband if he did something like that!! Those are the days you just want to end and wish you could take a long vacation.


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Been there. Your hubby changed it, so he should of cooked! Or perfect time for sandwiches or tv dinners. Hope your future days get better Bunny :)