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    My daughter just got a job! She graduated in May from a 5 year education program with certificates in Birth through 2nd grade and K through 6 and a masters in Sped. She got a job in the NYC system as a resource room teacher in a K-8 school. She is over the moon. We are looking for an apartment for her in Manhattan because living at home would be too long a commute. She will have health insurance, dental insurance, pension, retirement and will be making a really nice amount of money for a kid with no student loans.

    She is a wonderful person and I really think the children she'll be working with will benefit greatly from her.

    Now if I could only get the boys moving on in life..
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    Congratulations!! What an exciting time for your daughter -- have fun looking for an apartment, just don't expect to find one where you can spread out your arms!

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    Sharon =

    When I got my first job, I lived in a railroad flat in Manhattan. The bathroom was so small that I could probably not fit into it if I went into that apartment today. The bathtub doubled as the kitchen sink. I am looking forward to looking for an apartment with her. H is having a hard time dealing with her not living at home but... She's hoping one of her friends will be able to room wit her.
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    Congratulations! That is very exciting, when one of the children attains some sort of independence and security. What a wonderful opportunity for her!

    Love, Esther
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    I remember my first teaching position and moving into my first apartment. It was so exciting. I was all grown and my own person. I stood at the top of the stairs saying, "Free at last. Free at last".

    Congratulations to your daughter.
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