One reason I love my husband

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    I was shopping with easy child yesterday in Chicago and husband took difficult child to his wrestling meet. This is what he posted on facebook yesterday after the meet.

    Sitting watching difficult child today I realized what an incredible inspiration this kid is. Although he is very challenging, and often frustrating, this boy never gives up. He has more challenges and roadblocks than I could ever imagine, yet he keeps trying and never gives up hope and has such a sense of pride in all he does. He also has such a generous heart and spirit. While no one is perfect, he usually doesn't do things with a malicious intent. I get mad at myself because I know that so many of the things he does that drive me crazy, he absolutely cannot help. I am so fortunate because many people go through life wondering what God's purpose is for them. While I don't know all the answers to that question as it pertains to me, I do know that one reason I was put on this Earth was to be the father of this amazing young man.

    No marriage is perfect but I do love this man and love how he loves our kids.
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    I just loved reading this, thank you for posting it..........I love your husband too!!
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    Love it!
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    I think your husband and my husband would get along quite well!
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