One step away from neuropsychologist exam!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Andy, Nov 20, 2009.

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    Yesterday, difficult child and I met with psychiatrist to review results of a IRVA (I think that was the test?). We were told that difficult child does not have ADHD or ADD. Not really a big surprise but needed to get that one out of the way to go any further.

    I pointed out to psychiatrist that difficult child does very well on homework (A's and B's) but often gets D's or F's on the tests and quizzes in math. He is also failing AR reading. The teachers say he avoids reading but are unwilling to look at WHY he avoids it. difficult child has told me that he can not remember what he reads. What he does get right on tests are the things he has HEARD the teacher say or his dad or I helping him study by TELLING through quizzing him on things.

    In 5th grade, his comprehension on state tests dropped. That was expected since he was going through his anxiety ordeal. I was very surprised that his grades were not worse.

    He actually did o.k. on comprehension tests but like he said, there was always the paragraph or two that he was able to go back and reread to FIND the correct answer - it wasn't that he remembered what he read.

    In 6th grade, his comprehension results dropped again, considerably. That was a surprise to me because he had his anxiety issues well under control and had "rejoined" his academic challenges. I really think they should have improved based on how he had come out of the 5th grade behavioral difficulties he was having. psychiatrist asked me what the teachers said. That was last Spring. The teachers don't get the results of these tests until school is just about over and as long as he did well overall, they were not concerned with the details.

    I called the school and found out that tests are done the end of April so again, no results until the school year is over and of course nothing will be done about them. I really think these state tests should be in the fall so teachers can really work on issues instead of passing it along to the next person who we know will not even look at those tests!

    Anyway, psychiatrist decided not to wait but to have difficult child tested for comprehension now. Then, if that result is another decline we will go to neuropsychologist to test for a learning disorder. That test is scheduled for March (husband couldn't remember the day) but I am sure the results will be much quicker than the school's testing.

    Many of you will appreciate psychiatrist's observation of, "The school can do this but it sounds like they drag their feet." Uhh, Yep!
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    Good to hear the psychiatrist is addressing the difficulty with comprehension.

    I understand that it can be such a long process (been there done that). :dissapointed2:

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    At least now you have a date (March) in sight! That's great news.