one week of camp down

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    one more to go. But this past week was 4 hours a day of tennis camp and next week is 8 hours a day, and it's Y camp with lots of different things going on. I am praying he will be ok, because I am the back up to the shipping guy and he's on vacation all week. I spoke to the camp director and i will be sending difficult child II's yo yo (his favorite coping skill). I also told the director I would rather pick him up early verses having a problem, if he's having a bad day.

    difficult child I was supposed to find out Fri. if the judge approved an early release from house arrest (no I am not sure why the PO suggested it, but at this point I really do not care, how sad is that) well the woman never called us to let us know, and of course difficult child I had made plans for the weekend thinking he'd finally be off house arrest, so his mood and demeanor is less then desirable. But I will give credit to the hoochie who encouraged him today and said they could go to Dorney Park for her birthday during the week, once they knew he was off house arrest. I guess she is realizing he is not going to get away with sneaking, and it only causes them both trouble when he tries.

    oh well praying we make it through the week, and then we're off to vacation at the beach for 5 days, can't wait!
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    Sounds like you are more than ready for that beach trip! I hope the week flies by smoothly and you'll be digging your toes in the sand before you know it!
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    Oh do you deserve that beach trip!
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    Here's some fairy dust to add to the sand on the beach.

    I still giggle when I read your name for girlfriend. :)