Online Al-Anon meetings and online Al-Anon support


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That is great...thanks.

When we first found out about difficult child I managed to convince Tony to go with me to a meeting one evening but we got the address off the internet and spent two hours driving around looking for it and never found it. LOL I have tried several more times and I swear to you the place doesnt exist!


Thank you so much, though I have a problem... And who know can already guess husband. I don't want him to know that I'm seeking help because he would want to know what.I am talking about. And it.wouldn't be kept my situation because my son is linked with my husband in much of my sons anger there is no way id feel comfortable discussing anything that my husband would see, and I will add that my hubby is very nosey is pretty private course if he wanted to he could find it. I like the confidentiality... where I.can let out my true feelings, weather they are healthy or not. I.will be calling this place nearby my house that has counseling services although right now I'm having too many panic attacks that I don't think I can drive. it's really something how before I had my baby I worked for a Behavioral Health company and would read psychiatric evaluations and treatment plans all about these Residential treatment centers etc. and here.I am today... never thought It would.all come knocking at my front door. I don't have a degree in that field, . But I did work in support specialist with thousands of.members medical records so I have alot of knowledge concerning much of this. However it was based more on the children victims. I would read stuff on the.drug and.alcohol people as well and overhear the loud comments that the Care managers would make... many comments I wish I never overheard since they spoke as if they cared nothing about their members. anyhow I think that because I'm somewhat familiar with how counseling goes with people who have never dealt with this personally... With someone they know and love, that they cannot relate. Al -anon is for people who have been through it theselves. ,wish there was a way I could drive. sorry for all the.errors, I'm using my little cell phone again.
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