Online school - Has anyone done this?

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    So difficult child got expelled for one year in March of 9th grade for selling drugs. The school for expelled students is through the juvenile court system and he tried it and was appalled; quite a different socio-economic group. The other students were literally gang members with "D" tattooed on their hands for Diablos. One did not know how many inches in a foot and most lessons were directed to that level.

    difficult child's counselor recommended on-line school since he would be too far behind academically when he gets to go back to real school in a year. I'm not thrilled about it but have few options. He is and unmotivated student who does not care about school. Or anything actually.

    Anyone else do this? Got any advice?
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    Both of my kids switched to online school last year. It has been a godsend for us for various reasons but from the sounds of it, I don't know if it will work with your son. They have to be willing to do the work and do it without anyone looking over their shoulders. They also rely on the student asking for help when they need it. The nice thing for us is the flexibility. My kids can start when they want to each day and take breaks during the day as often as they need to as long as they get the day's work done. If your son doesn't care about school and isn't motivated, I'm not sure this is going to work. He has to do the work whether he likes it or not. Is he willing to actually do it??
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    Online school can literally "save" a difficult child. I used three independent ones (two University sponsored) with success. Had my difficult child been really motivated it would have been possible to complete high school and access college level courses. In our case it served the purpose of keeping a former "gifted" student from academic failure. You'll be amazed at the choices and I wish you well. DDD
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    Online schools can be great - but look into your options carefully!

    The online school in which my son is enrolled will NOT accept students expelled from other you may be in a tricky spot.

    Good luck!
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    Just thought of something to add. Our school system requires advance notice of enrollment and some of the online schools require a "permission slip" from the local schools. DDD
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    What Tedo said. If he's not motivated, be prepared for a daily fight. Then if he doesn't do the work or log on, you could face truancy charges on top of everything else. It has worked for us, and I'm very happy with the curriculum and teachers, but it has also been a huge battle with difficult child at times.
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    Yes like others have said make sure that the online school will accept him with him as expelled. Otherwise online school can be a lifesaver. I certainly wish it had been around when my son had been around when my son was kicked out of school. I think it would have been a way for him to finish his HS education.