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    thank you's 504 end of year wrap up was this morning. As of now he is off of the 504 plan with the exception of having access to a Writer Fusion system. This is a laptop system with text to speech capability that has taken the place of the Alphasmart, at least in our district.

    I am excited for him. He will always have the Sensory Integration Disorder (SID) issues, but they do not seem to be interfering in his life too much. He has made HUGE strides in handwriting and manual dexterity and hand strength. Writing may never be exactly easy for him but it is not the problem that it used to be. He was taught keyboarding this year by the Occupational Therapist (OT) and he is excellent! He tests at about 90% of expected, but when he is just working and doesn't know he is being watched/evaluated he is really FAST!!!

    I am proud of him. He has worked hard the last few years to master these skills!

    In spite of looking like a clone of Wiz, he is definitely his own person. NOT the "MiniMe" that Wiz wants him to think he is.

    He does all the hard work, and has the gentlest, sweetest, most thoughtful and considerate nature!!! He and Jess could NOT be more different from Wiz if they tried.
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    Good for thank you. It sounds like he is doing so well, and glad that Wiz's influence has not gotten to him. It is so good to see our kiddos do well.
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    That's great...and I love the Writer Fusion!
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    lovely post! Good to hear he is coming into his own, on his own! I'm going to look up the Writer Fusion...

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    Glad to hear thank you is doing so well!!:)
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    This is good news!
    Not to take away from OP, but does anyone know where one might buy a Fusion, or the cost?
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    You might try ebay or do a google search for it. If nothing else, the company that makes it can probably help you.