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    After our IEP meeting, I was talking to difficult child's teacher. She made some comment like what about what difficult child brought to school yesterday?

    I said what did he bring to school yesterday? I am thinking oh no, what now?

    She says, he brought a dead squirrel to school. I almost fell over. She says, I can just picture him riding his bike and carrying a dead squirrel.

    I can just see it.:crazy2:

    She told him to wash his hands, and of course he wanted to know why he should wash his hands.:why:
    The teacher said because the squirrel could have diseases.

    This is the best part.

    He said he knew it did not have rabies, he looked in its mouth and it wasn't foaming.:slap::rofl::rofl:

    At least we know one thing. Go ahead and pick up the dead squirrel as long as it is not foaming at the mouth.

    Only a ten year old boy would want to pick up a dead squirrel.
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    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    I would have been grateful that it went to school and not to my kitchen.
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    I am SO glad I wasn't substituting in his classroom that day!