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    That is a very selfish title, but I have never heard of this happening to anyone else. Let me know if I am wrong. I got my financial aid check yesterday, and had enough to buy 2 new tires!!! Woo Hoo. Maybe next week or the week after I will buy the other 2, and be set for winter. Wanted to buy 4 yesterday, but it just did not figure.

    I went to work last night (2nd job as a caregiver for an elderly lady, stay the night fix dinner, help her get ready for bed and then help her get ready for the day). I came out this morning at 6am, and one of my BRAND NEW tires was flat. Not low. Completely flat. Thankfully I know how to change tires in the daylight, and I now can say I know how to change a flat tire via flashlight. So now I get to go back to the tire store, and have my BRAND NEW tire fixed!!! I bet they did not get a good seal on it or something like that.

    I am more upset over having to go back to the stupid store than changing the tire. I have to go see 2 pts today (I help them bathe) and have class from 10:15 to 2:40pm. I hate sitting and waiting. I can't believe my brand new tire went flat. husband went and bought it yesterday evening. ARRGH!!

    Thank you. I will now step off my soap box and lower my dander.

  2. WhymeMom?

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    Unfortunately it's not "only you"...... where tires are concerned I have had two blowouts on the same rear tire...... Nothing like being stranded and the tire is underneath the car...... I just call a tow truck and pay the bill...... knowing me if I tried to change it the car would fall off the jack and roll down a hill into a lake....

    It especially hurts when you have just done your duty and replaced tires!
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    Might have gotten a defective tire? Make them check it over really well. I'd certainly not want to do that a 2nd time! ugh I know how to change a tire, I just simply refuse. I told husband that is why I keep him around. lol
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    I feel better now. Misery loves company, ya know. Why me mom, you certainly got me trumped. Two tires??? Ow.
  5. Star*

    Star* call 911


    THEY do NOT pay for them - they return them and have them redone - blems or retreads or shred them for landfill material.

    STAND UP FOR YOURSELF and REFUSE a repair - REFUSE....ask to see the MANAGER.....

    THAT IS SO MUCH APPLESAUCE to deal with .........

    But I'm in the poor boat rowing with ya if it helps.......

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    Are you ready??? The tire is nonrepairable!!!! It has a hole in the sidewall!!!! They are replacing it, but get this. They are out of that size. They ordered it and hopefully it will be in by Monday or Tuesday. So now I am driving around with 3 different sizes of tires. The two front tires match, and the two back tires don't as my spare is an odd size.

    I just bought the tires yesterday, and they ran out already???
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    Star, what does it say under your name? or do I want to know?
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    Oh, wow. That's incredible--and unfair.
    So sorry.
    Gosh, 3 diff sized tires. I can't imagine what it feels like to drive around on that.
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    It's not just you...and I'm another one who won't change tires. I pay AAA for that. Does the tire store have another store nearby, so they can go get the appropriate tire and put it on correctly? I'd check, and I'd also ask them what their liability is since their store is the reason you're driving around on unmatching and potentially unsafe tires.

    Stay safe!