Only MY difficult child can get suspended for this reason!

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    difficult child hasnt' been suspended since early in grade 8. He is now in grade 11.

    Here in Canada, many of our high schools have changed the format. There was always 2 classes a.m., 2 classes p.m. Now they have 5 shorter periods. The extra class is called MSIP and it is basically a assigned class that is just for doing homework and assignments from your courses. There is a teacher to help with anything you struggle with.

    So difficult child got exempted from MSIP last year and given a independent law class credit to do instead. He simply had NO work to do during a MSIP period. Hed finish it in class, or be done a big assignment in a day or two that other students had 2 weeks to do. It was wasting his time. So this reason, same issue. The guidance counselor and difficult child clash. She refuses to make a different arrangement for difficult child, but she also refuses him to sit in MSIP with nothing to do all period each day. She wanted to give him work that gives him no credit, just so he'd appear busy. Totally unfair. She's pulled this on him several times since last year.

    On Tuesday, he turned up home at beginning of MSIP (which is right before his lunch break). He just announced to me his intentions and why he was missing MSIP. It was already done, he was here so what was I to do? I told him it is skipping class and he'll have consequences. The guidance counselor is truly looking for a way to make it harder on difficult child. I told him I wouldn't defend him skipping, although I do know his frustration about this wasted time at school when he could be independently getting credit in something that he is interested in.

    Anyhow, yesterday he came home laughing. He was called by guidance counselor to the vice principals office. She ranted and raved at him skipping. She was waving about some "work sheets" she developed for him to do to kill time in that period. The same work sheets he gets no credit on that have nothing to do with anything pertinent to school to begin with. Rants about how he's a smart aleck and won't amount to anything with his "bad attitude" about school. (First time EVER skipping a class. A homework class that he would sit doing her self created work sheets???) She worked herself right up apparently.

    She then demanded he be honest about what he did during his missed period. She intimated he came hom to play video games. He then told her he went, in the pouring rain, across town on his bike and to the PUBLIC LIBRARY! Where he checked out University level books on world religions and sociology since after next year, he'll be studying that in University. He informed her that he figured if she was intent that he sit there doing work sheets if needed so that he's learning, he's better off using the time to read some EDUCATIONAL materials as opposed to writing a paragraph about what he did that weekend to amuse her and make her happy. he said it would have been one line anyhow: Returned 4 books the public library for new ones and spent entire weekend gobling them up and discussing politics from the books with my mother who tells me how proud she is of putting my intelligence TO A REAL USE".

    ;) So she was angry. The vice principal openly smirked. For his offense of his first ever skipped class (not even a class!) she then issued him a in school suspension. He said HUH? I didn't do your work sheets and I didn't sit doing nothing for a HOMEWORK PERIOD, instead I took out University level books so I could LEARN stuff the rest of the week in that time period .... and my punishment is miss the REAL classes, not SKIP them, but be FORCED out of them, because you got your knickers in a twist? She added an extra day for his rude knickers in a twist comment. He said fine. And shall I make you happy by doing your pointless worksheets while my brain rots in the office during my suspension? The vice principal then spoke up. He told difficult child that he would NOT be doing work sheets. He should bring the library books and during the last period of the day, the guidance counsellor could use the time she'd have used to create and grade the "homemade worksheets" to discuss whatever difficult child found interesting in his books!

    HAHAHA! I know I should be upset at that rude knickers comment. I should be upset he skipped a class. But somehow, I think I'm with the VP on this one and quite enjoy the way difficult child handled the stubborn and ridiculous control freak guidance counsellor.

    My kid needs to go into politics. He's a shrewd one!
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    That is classic! Good for your difficult child for calling the counselor on the carpet for the control freak behavior. I swear there are some people in schools who have no business being there.
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    This is a great story! I want to know how their discussion about the books works out!
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    I'd love to be there for the conversation. My difficult child, when he reads, he reads with intention to understand it all. He enjoys spirited debate, is quite capable if was able to, to hold conversations with university students. He is intelligent and well spoken and terrific when he speaks about things he is passionate about. And he only reads what he is passionate about. I hope she ends the 2 hours very flustered and feeling like the moron she's been acting like. Hopefully it will help difficult child down the line with her, so that she'll take seriously as a student.
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    I would love to be your difficult child's teacher. He sounds like my kind of difficult child!
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    easy child/difficult child got suspended for a day in Kindergarten for putting a tomato slice on top of his head. I should have known then that the school system and I would not be in sync!

    I've never had a kid who "spoke his/her mind" at school. I love the bright
    independence shown by your difficult child but around here the kids have to say "no Sir" or "yes, Maam" to avoid being labeled as a difficult child forever. DDD
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    difficult child had a "packet" to fill in during his suspension.

    A bit far I'd say he went. But ... secretly? I admire his spunk! They don't encourage it at his age, but when he matures more and puts that analytical smarmy personality to work FOR him when he's a bit older? He may be a force.

    Here's a portion:

    Why do you think you have been asked to work on this packet?

    I have been asked to work on this packet because the vice principal believes that missing a study period to get books is a wrong thing to do. She does not want me to educate myself.

    Do you have a hard time accepting criticism or negative comments from others? Why or why not?

    I have a hard time accepting criticism from this school board because they have stereotyped me as a student who should be in essential classes. Also they make decisions about me even if it is not in my best interest.

    Do I type a eye rolling emoticion? Hmm ....

    The VP asked if he'd finish the packet, he said no as it was a waste of his time. She admitted him back to class.
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    Oh, while difficult child was in office all day .... first year this year to merge grades 7-8 into the high school. A few grade 7's were in office for SETTING FIRE TO THE BATHROOM! They got .... IN SCHOOL SUSPENSION. Of course, difficult child cracked up to the VP saying now he can see WHY he's got a in school suspension. Skipping a homework hall where'd he sleep with no work to get public library books is obviously making him up there with the ARSONISTS!!! ;)
    That's when she admitted him to class without finishing his "packet" which was geared to help him learn to not repeat his mistakes.
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    I think I like his VP! :rofl:

    OMG....the counselor needs taken down a notch or two. If I didn't think it would get him in trouble even more, I'd suggest that difficult child make his OWN packet for the COUNSELOR to do based on difficult child's library books. Let her see exactly what it is he's "wasting his time" with and see if she can answer the questions to HIS satisfaction.

  10. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Oh, he's gonna be a force alright! Hooo-boy... LOOK OUT! That kid's gonna go somewhere.
  11. Mattsmom277

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    Shhh.... if difficult child thought about that one, he'd be designing a killer packet to deliver hahahaha
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    You have one great kid there. I can remember thinking it was just plain stupid to make me sit on the playground during recess when the school had a perfectly good library and the public library shared the parking lot we played on during recess.

    This counselor is an idiot. More wrapped up in the rules than the reasons.

    For crying out loud, is the vp the only one with common sense? Maybe in the future difficult child can take all his problems to the VP instead of the counselor?
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    That ranks right up there with the day my difficult child got sent out of a class because he had finished all assignments and did what he did best when bored---disrupt. The teacher sent him to me. I was teaching, so I sat him across the hall in the teacher workroom with some extra work to do from the class he was dismissed from, which he finished in just a few minutes. So, being bored, he saw the copy machine. And started making copies---of all kinds of things. The VP came by, saw him, went in and saw him making a black and white copy of a dollar bill. He accused difficult child of copying money with the intention of spending it. difficult child smiled, told him he was not stupid enough to try and pass off a one-sided black/white dollar bill. The VP called him a smart mouth and told him to come with him to the office. Then he told the VP---I also made a copy of a banana that was sitting on the table. Before you take me to the office, do you mind if I eat it? He got a day out of school.
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    I can so relate...I skipped most of my senior year of high school out of complete and total boredom. I started college the summer between my junior and senior years, and loved it so much that high school became something to be endured. I went to the library, either the public one or the one at the junior college, discussed theories with interesting people...and was fortunate that my mom excused my absences with only minor scoldings. When I was bored, I thought up all sorts of things to hanging paper ghosts out the second story windows to irritate the teacher downstairs, for example.