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    Well we got easy child off to college and her room set up and all that. It was a rough day --HOT--walked a million miles-- was on second floor not first like we thought. Mind and body so tired. She is really excited.
    She and difficult child fought all day -difficult child pushing all of everyone's buttons. I think it was his way of being sad that she is leaving but it sure made it hard on me and husband. I (of course) crying as we left and difficult child is telling me to shut up and let her grow up already.
    difficult child started school today--hope things went well he forgot to take medications this morning.
    He is already complaining that the phone rules should change since easy child doesn't have to turn her phone in at nine - he shouldn't either but I stuck to my guns and said no he has to turn it in because he has to go to bed to be ready for the next day.
    I drew up a new set of rules and house hold chores that he will be responsible for to clear things up for him since now he is the only one at home. I told him it can be a good thing with more one on one time and extra privileges if he does what he is suppose to OR it can be hard with him loosing privileges for not taking care of his responsibilities. I am going to go threw them with him on Wed. when we visit with MST.
    We tried to meet with oldest son this weekend to give him a phone so he could flash over because he said his is broken but he kept making excuses why he couldn't get together so we were hurt but what can we do ==we tried.