Ooooh he's so surly after playing all these video games ...

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by TerryJ2, Feb 21, 2012.

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    I'm thinking of doing my own science fair project and handing it in to the teacher. She might get a good laugh out of it.
    I would present it as a Power Point, as well as a display board, and follow her directions just as though I'm a student. My hypothesis would be, "Predicting behaviors of adolescents who game past the point of fatigue."
    Of course, my prediction would be that the behaviors would become more aggressive and irrational.

    I can cut and paste the titles and outlines from last yr's science project, which is still on my hard drive, and just type in the rest of the info.

    Day 1: Subject is slightly argumentative, extremely perseverant, and lacking in truthfulness, stating that afternoon gaming on school days is required for his science project. Actual project is only to be done on weekends.
    Day 2: Subject and family have agreed on new ground rules and rewritten hypothesis.
    Day 3: Subject is extremely loud and argumentative and states that he has not had much sleep.
    Day 4: Subject is loud, argumentative, aggressive and disrespectful. Subject states he has not had much sleep. Subject has not completed any reading for English class during the last 4 days.
    Second subject has fewer issues with argumentativeness, but is clearly fatigued, indicated by decreasing scores and wins. Third subject has not participated.

    I'm kind of liking this. It's like journaling, only with- title headings like "Title," "Hypothesis," "Data," "References," and "Conclusion." It looks so much more important that way.

    Now, to take photos for the display ...

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    You all do realize, of course, that this is merely task avoidance on my part, because I'm supposed to be doing our taxes ...
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    MOST EXCELLENT! Good grades (haha) are more important than taxes! LOL
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    That is hilarious Terry. I am glad to see that it is rather normal behavior though. There have been times my difficult child spends too much time either on the Wii or her easy child. She can get downright nasty when she does this. That is one of the main reasons we are being more careful of her electronic time. I pet difficult child would not find your project very funny though I bet all of the other parents would.
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    I thought you were just avoiding helping difficult child with HIS project...
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    Lol. Sigh.
    Another day, still no taxes.
    I did, however, ground difficult child from all games (by taking the TV cord and hiding it) until further notice. He claimed it wasn't fair because I hadn't told him that he was being bad. Yeah, right.

    He's been on his cell ph all night. Next time, I take both the TV cord and the cell phone. I just can't think fast enough ...
  7. I am a big proponent of guarding game time as if it were a rare, costly spice, to be doled out sparingly, only to the very deserving.
    Your post made me laugh. Now go do your taxes. Hopefully they will mail you a nice, big check in a month or so.
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    Where's that "like" button when I need it?
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    ROFL! I love that when they think they should have warnings about the warnings etc. I have now taken to saying... OK this is a PERMANENT RULE ( because he will say, you didn't tell me that TODAY!...sadly it is probably true he needs a reminder but I wont let him know that, haha)...

    I frequently hear... but you forgot to warn me... uMMM I have warned you for the last ten years on some of this stuff my darling (yes I know THAT is the problem, sigh).

    Thus the permanent warnings I now give...LOL... (or as he says... "pernament")