Opportunities for kids on the spectrum

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    I've posted about my Aspie family member -age 25- who has had his first taste of success - among peers and in "school" thru comedy. He intended to just take a writing class and has since completed many levels and is performing which came as a complete surprise! He has totally come out of his shell! ( he had a rough time of it K thru HS and didn't socialize at all.) We attended a performance of his at the Second City Institute (Second City is a famous improv troupe that spawned SNL) last weekend and I picked up a brochure for their classes. I was surprised and thrilled to see they offer 2 classes aimed at kids on the spectrum and with anxiety disorders. I wanted to pass the info along. I believe Second City offers classes in other states and Toronto as well...

    "From The Inside Out" offers a class in improvisation for those with teens with Asperger's/autism, ages 16 and up. Classes will focus on ensemble or team building that will help with the exploration of different relationships and social cues. Improvisational games used in this class will teach the students skills such as accessing emotions and storytelling. This will be done in a safe and fun setting where the students can explore and challenge themselves. Improvisation is a great toll to through many types of barriers which stand in the way of creativity and socialization.

    Improv for Anxiety:

    This innovative class combines ensemble-based improv, along with cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to help teens overcome the fear and avoidance associated with social anxiety disorder. A Second City instructor will lead the class. Mark Pfeffer, Director at the Panic Anxiety Recovery Center (PARC), will be at the first session to welcome you. Mark will also facilitate a weekly treatment/support group to help students apply Improv and CBT to real-life. A pre-service orientation and post-service follow-up session are provided to parents of teens who participate.

    And then in my local paper I read this article about a Marquette University program that is employing young adults with autism while nurturing the careers of recent university grads. So I am linking that too...

    "Einstein Productions, a nonprofit that opened its doors in September in The Shops of Grand Avenue, aims at assisting two sets of individuals in achieving their future careers in communication: recent graduates of Marquette University's Diederich College of Communication and high-functioning young adults with autism spectrum disorders..."
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    How totally cool is that! I can think of lots of kids who would benefit from that.
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    I love that Wisconsin is doing something positive. Let's hope they are leaders. DDD
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    Wow- thank for the info. My difficult child 2 is on the spectrum but he is really funny. I think he'd thrive doing some workshops like this. I'm definitely going to look into it.
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    By the time stuff like this reaches HERE... well, it might be useful for the grandkids.
    Interesting, though.