oppositional defiant disorder

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by JorgeS, Feb 20, 2008.

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    My name is Jorge S. My 5 year old brother has been diagnosed with ODD and it has been really hard on the family. Especially my parents. I was wondering what we could do as a family to help my brother?

    If we go to family counseling, does it cost money?

    Do we need to have health insurance to go to family counseling?

    Are there any good programs that will help with ODD?

    Jorge S
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    Welcome Jorge,
    First edit your post and remove your last name. Safety for you.
    I applaud you for seeking help for your family. How old are you?
    I think you will find a lot of information here.
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    Jorge, I edited your last name for you. You deserve privacy and so does your brother. It is just how to we do things here.

    I am wondering what doctor diagnosed your brother?
    Usually counseling does cost money, if you have insurance it is a copayment.

    How old are you? I am worried that you are so concerned. It is up to your parents to help your brother. Not that you are not capable of helping, too. But, that level of care will vary with your age.
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    Your post touched my heart. You are a very thoughtful son and brother to care enough to take the time to try to find help for your family.

    My difficult child (gift from god) is 12. He has been diagnosed as ADHD since first grade. He has never been officially diagnosed with ODD even though he has a lot of the traits.

    A few things that have helped him are. first, as he has grown older he is better able to control himself. Tonight he got mad, threw things and ran out the door into the night. The good news is he came back and calmed himself down enough to talk about it. All of this only lasted ten minutes!! When he was 5,6 or 7 it would last for HOURS. Another thing that helps is sometimes his sister will try to talk to him if he will not talk to us.

    Maybe you can tell your parents about this site. I know it has made a big difference knowing that I am not alone out there, neither is my difficult child or my family.

    There is a book you can tell your parents about. It is called the Explosive Child by Ross W. Greene. At lot of people find it very helpful.

    Best of luck to you Jorge and to your family too.:D
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    Do you mind if I ask what state you're in?

    I'm in CT and this is one of the easiest ways to find resources. I hope this can give you an example of what's out there.


    If you're not in CT, hopefully, your area will have something similar. There's always someone out there willing to help someone else. Good luck and welcome!
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    Oh! I just found a national website for 2-1-1! I hope your state offers it!