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    I feel better about it now, glad I went and got it checked out. This doctor is a retina specialist and I really like him! He did a really thorough exam and explained everything very clearly. The good news is that he didn't see any sign of a detachment and no rips or tears in the retina. Part of the problem is just a natural thing that happens when we age. But he also said that, in some people, parts of the retina are very thin and tiny little holes can form, and some of the fluid in the eye can go through behind the retina. That's probably what happened to me. He said the "spider web" blobby thing and the shower of little specks I'm seeing should go away or get a lot better in a couple of weeks, but if they don't go away after about two months I'm probably stuck with them. The bad news is that I have the beginnings of a cataract on my right eye (I knew that) and one just starting on the left eye. I always thought that only really old people got cataracts but apparently it's quite common in people my age too. But he said there was no rush on having anything done about it ... when I decide that I don't want to put up with it anymore I can get surgery and get it fixed. So I feel a lot better about it and I'm glad I went and got it checked out.

    And I'm so glad my son went along to drive home! I've never had my eyes dilated before ... who knew that those white lines on the pavement in the parking lot were so blindingly white! Whoa!
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    Donna it sound slike you had a vitreous separation.

    It is a part of the normal aging process. The vitreous shrinks and causes the stringlike cobwebs and floaters. It is not a retina detachment but thatis something you have to watch for if you suddenly get more floaters or lightning bolts.

    I have the beginnings of cataracts too. They are too small to do anything about them yet but they are easily corrected.

    I hope your floaters settle down.

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    So glad it's nothing serious! I bet you're relieved!

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    Whew, huh?! I'm glad it was nothing as serious as you were originally fearing. you've never had your eyes dilated? Have you ever had your eyes checked before? Mine get dilated EVERY time I go for a vision check (every 1-2 years). You are soooooo lucky.
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    TeDo, I've never been to an opthomologist before. I've had my eyes examined by an optomotrist to get glasses several times but never by an opthomologist. I need new glasses now but he said I should wait for a while until all this settles down before I get new ones now.
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    Donna, it's an optometrist I see too. He always dilates our eyes. I guess I didn't know they didn't all do that. Hmmmm