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    I decided last weekend that I was going to eat healthier. Instead of eating junk at work, I packed fruit and veggies. I was eating carrots and my tooth started hurting. (I have a missing tooth near the back on the top) Monday my whole side of my face, ear, nose is hurting. Call the dentist. Can't get in until next day. By Tuesday I am really swollen and in severe pain. I couldn't handle the pain. I was trying to think what was worse, child birth or this! Dentist says both teeth - in front of the missing tooth and behind it were fractured below the gum line. Had to be removed surgically. I asked for a shot to numb the pain. He told me that whole area is so infected and so much pain the shot wouldn't work. Gave me vicoden and said to take Advil with it. Also antibiotic. 48 hours later the pain was at a level that I could go 6 - 8 hours without vicoden, working mostly with advil.

    Friday was the surgery. I now lost three teeth on the same side. Because of Carrots. I do not drink milk. Menopause really playing a number on me. I take caltrate when I remember to. And they want over $1200 out of my pocket for a partial. That is AFTER insurance. Guess I won't be getting that.

    My jaw is still sore, but nothing like it was.

    When I got home I was groggy. Took pain medications and was just dozing off. I remember the phone ringing. That's about it. Then last night difficult child was talking about the Dean of students called and talked to me. I said She did? difficult child said yeah, don't you remember? Not a word. I don't remember a word.
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    Orudis KT - over the counter medication like Tylenol or Motrine. Hard to find but works wonders for dental pain. Will not cure a problem but might help alleviate the pain until the problem is fixed.

    Ouch big time!
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    I'm glad the pain has eased up a bit. I'm in the same boat with the $$$$ for dental...I've been scheduled to get my wisdom teeth pulled 2 times now in the past 3 years. The week comes & I can't fork out the $1800....don't have it. Here I am....17 years I've been putting it off. I'm glad you were able to get the teeth/infection taken care of ;)
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    Holy cow!
    Just what you needed!
    Sounds like difficult child and you are doing better though :).
    What do you mean about a partial? Partial implant?
    What are you going to do about the empty space? You'll need to chew.
    A carrot, huh? I would ask the dentist, (when you're awake and alert) why your teeth would crack that easily and what you can do as a preventative for the rest of your teeth.
    Good luck!!!!!
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    Ack!!! That's ack on many levels. I don't do dentists well at all. In fact, I haven't been in 4 years, and I have a broken molar. I'm taunting time waiting for benefits.

    I always tell them, just knock me out. I don't want to feel/know a thing. I don't know how I broke that tooth, but it's there. (Did I swallow it???):help:

    I once broke a molar eating a 7 layer burrito from Taco Bell. ONE uncooked rice took it down. Fast forward to a root canal, etc. But, they paid for it.

    I love getting old.