Otc pain medication advice?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by DDD, Sep 30, 2013.

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    I've been extremely lucky and almost never have any pain. That's good because I am NOT "into" pain, lol. Saturday I walked into the corner of my desk and for a few minutes my thigh hurt. I rubbed it for a few minutes and didn't give it another thought. Well...this afternoon out of the blue it is hurting. There is no sign of a bruise. It "almost" feels like pain spasms. I took a couple of aspirin around four hours ago and all was well until five minutes ago. Sigh!

    So....is Advil or Aleve or ??? better than aspirin?? I don't want to have pain tonight. Whine! DDD
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    Welcome to my world... I'm one of those major klutzes... the kind with so many bruises I scare doctors.

    My front-line against klutz pain is... Ibuprofen. I use Motrin Gel-caps, but it looks like Advil is also the same chemicals. Gel-caps give you a faster hit.
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    Aspirin is not great for any sort of bruise because it thins your blood. husband's mom heard on the radio that aspirin was being rx'd for those with heart problems and that you should take one at the first sign of a stroke to minimize damage. She decided that she didn't need to see a doctor and started taking aspirin twice a day. Regular strength, because she didn't listen closely enough to hear it was low dose, or baby, aspirin. Twice a day was because if once a day is good, twice MUST be better. We saw her three mos after she started this and she was covered iwth bruises. She looked like she had been beaten, but she was not dating anyone (since she left husband's dad she has chosen abusive men - husband's dad NEVER laid a finger on her in anger, NEVER) so we started asking questions and learned about the aspirin. She refused to stop and a month later she cut her finger and ended up needing an ambulance because she was bleeding so much!

    A bruise is blood pooling under the skin from where capillaries or muscles are damaged. Aspirin may make it feel better now, but it will increase the amount of blood that is released because the blood is thinned by the aspirin. This is why another NSAID like ibuprofen or naproxen is a good thing to have on hand as they do not thin the blood.

    Aleve (naproxen sodium) is longer lasting, which means it will give you more pain free hours. It is easier to sleep because you are not woken up with pain. It is available in generic and does come in gelcaps. Gelcaps do work faster but they are more expensive. Many people I know say they get more relief from naproxen than from ibuprofen.

    If possible, pick up some arnica gel from the health food store. IT is incredibly helpful with bruises and strains. It is a topical homeopathic gel and it helps the bruise heal faster, ditto strains/sprains. We have had very good results from it.
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  4. cubsgirl

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    I'm a big Advil fan.......it just works for me and takes care of every ache and pain.
  5. DDD

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    From the moment I posted to this exact time, I have not had one more pain. Weird! Thanks for the input. I'll pick up something today so I don't take aspirin. Maybe it's "healed itself". Hope so. DDD
  6. AnnieO

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    The only time I would recommend aspirin for a bruise is like when Belle beat the snot out of me and the bruising was really bad and on my leg - it was clear this was no capillary thing. Then it's one baby aspirin a day for a bit to keep major clots away. Even so, I should have seen a doctor. I still have a "shadow" scar, and this was in... 2009. Or 2010.
  7. DammitJanet

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    No matter what you choose, and if it were me I would choose Aleve, be careful you dont use it for more than a week or two. Any of the NSAIDS can cause stomach issues. Now I seriously doubt you would take enough to cause a problem, better safe than sorry especially with your other health issues.

    One of the reasons I ended up with ulcer's the summer before this one was that I was put on long term Ketoprofen which is like Advil on steroids. Buck has been eating Advil like they were candy even with Rx pain medications and he has been in the hospital 5 times since July 1st with stomach bleeding and bleeding on the brain.

    Now a week or two of Aleve isnt going to kill you. I wouldnt advise tylenol because it has a much higher chance of overdose than any of the others.

    *Im not a doctor but I could probably pass the MCAT's at this point...lol
  8. svengandhi

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    I use Aleve for my breakthrough RA pain and it works. easy child sprained his ankle last week and I gave it to him, he missed no school. I prefer Advil/Ibuprofen for migraines and other headaches.
  9. SearchingForRainbows

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    Hope you're still pain free! If not, I like generic ibuprofen the best. Although it states on the bottle not to take more than 2/200mg tabs at once, I take 4/200 mg tabs at a time, the prescription strength of this otc medication. If necessary this high prescription dose can be taken up to 3x/24 hrs. However, please don't take this much without checking with your doctor first! It can be dangerous! I should add that I only take this dose when I get an aura in order to prevent it from becoming a full blown migraine.
  10. DDD

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    Thanks to you all for your caring responses. I have no idea why...but...I have not had a single recurrence of the thigh pain. I'm not trying to figure it out. Instead I am just thankful, lol. Meanwhile, I have written your suggestions down should it come back. Hugs DDD
  11. InsaneCdn

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    Maybe you just needed a good dose of "care"... :D