Our 11-day school break is over!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by gcvmom, Apr 12, 2010.

  1. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    And tomorrow morning EVERYBODY goes back ( :jumphappy: )!!

    difficult child 1 had many, MANY late assignments he needed to complete. He got some finished, but not all. I'm trying to detach and not care so much. He takes for.ev.er. to get things done anymore, I'm going to go back to having him do homework where I can see him. It's just so old and pathetic, I really want to move on and not think about it.

    difficult child 2 is pretty much caught up on his late assignments. Just a few test scores his teachers have not posted, so I had to send reminder emails today since the quarter ends this Friday (and I'm pretty sure that last quarter his science teacher forgot to enter a grade on a makeup test -- don't need that happening again).

    I had a major problem with easy child today over her gameboy and her attitude with me. It ended up with husband taking her side and I went nuclear over that -- if there's one thing that sends me into orbit, it's my spouse undermining my authority. A manipulative kid runs a close second.

    I think I just need everyone to go back to their little daily routine at school so I can have some time to myself again -- 11 days of three kids all day with few fun breaks (mainly because of the two difficult child's catching up on homework all week) has seriously tweaked my own attitude. Mood swings galore... and the hormones aren't helping. :mad:
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    I'm glad they all go back today! I always have mixed feelings because when my difficult children go back so do husband and I-I'd love to send the kids back and have a few days to ourselves. Yep-I would have been seriously nuclear if my husband had undermined my authority like that-grr! I hope your day is a peaceful one and you do something nice for yourself. I'm sending cyber chocolate your way to get you started:)
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    I hope today is a relaxing day for you! I hate it when husband undermines my authority. My solution was to make him more involved in the parenting decisions as they come up. He took Duckie's side a lot in the beginning but now I'm hearing a lot of "What does your mother say about this?". The key is to make him responsible for the fallout (ex: let him deal with her brattiness if he lets her stay up late) and to praise him when he makes a sound decision rather than taking the easy way out. Men aren't born great fathers anymore than women are born great mothers... we all need to grow into the role.