Our 1st meeting with the School District (m)

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    was today. Of all the people who have "evaluated" Sam, these people are the only ones who spent any amount of time with just him. It was an hour & half, and we're to go back for a second meeting next week to see how he handles a classroom & various activities in the classroom.

    And they're going to visit his preschool! I told them that he's normally very well behaved when among people he's just met (which he was today), and that to see him in action, it would be best to visit his preschool.

    It was nice for a change to have someone in real life confirm that we're headed in the right direction. We have all 3 books that they recommended (The Explosive Child, 1-2-3 Magic, The Defiant Child).

    As part of their arena evaluation a speech therapist observed Sam (I wasn't concerned about his speech/hearing since he was just screened at preschool). She came in & confirmed what the preschool screening results had been and chatted with me for a few minutes. She suggested using a visual timer with Sam so that he can actually SEE how much time he has left for an activity, and she pointed me to a website where I can print off different pictures of activities to create a visual "schedule" for the day -- in hopes that his transitions might go smoother.

    Probably the best part for me was when the speech therapist sincerely said "You're doing a great job." Wish I could hear that more often!

    In other news, Sam's had a bad week at preschool...had an accident in his pants this morning & refused to change clothes. Ended up in a half hour meltdown (which is long, even for him). Yesterday, he took the spot of another boy during circle time & wouldn't move when the boy returned -- they started tousling & Sam ended up being bitten by the other kid (who was really defending himself according to the teacher -- he is a bit smaller than Sam). I HATE having to sign these behavior reports -- it's helpful to know what's happened, but it would be so nice to go to school one day & have his teacher say, "What a great day Sam had!".

    Guess I have to take the positive with the negative, right?

    What a difference a week makes -- this time last week I was in tears because of coming/going to school because of Sam's behavior.

    Have a good weekend everyone!

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    Julie, I'm so happy to hear the meeting went well. And might I also add, you're doing a great job! LOL Really, it is obvious from reading your posts that you are working very hard to get Sam what he needs. Please take some time for yourself this weekend, and include a pat on your back. I'm sorry to read that he had a rough week, but tomorrow's another day, right?

    Hope you have a good weekend, too.
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    how did you get a daycare that didnt kick him out? Just curious, my Eric has ben through 6 daycares in 8 months, for kids with these issues consistency is key, I cant get anyone to keep Eric in.
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    Sam's been at the same church preschool since he was a toddler -- just a few days a week. We've been extremely blessed these past 2 years when his behavior has become a problem to have a lead teacher in his classroom who is fantastic. She's patient, kind, loving -- I really don't know how she does it.

    I've often had the feeling that the Director of the preschool has been close to suggesting Sam leave, but since we're working with- the teacher & outside the classroom to improve his behavior, she seems willing to let him stay. I've never heard of this preschool kicking anyone out -- but I don't know how many challenging kids they actually get.

    Finding decent daycare is tough enough, but finding one that is willing to understand & work with your child is even more difficult. Have you looked into a public school preschool program? I know the one in our district offers after-school care, so it could last most of the day if you needed it.

    Good luck.

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    You know I walk in to every daycare he has been in and say, Im letting you know he's real hyper, hes a climber, he will run from the classroom, and he's kinda nutty, they all say to me, yeah we have kids like him already, and he last for a month or two and he's out the door. With this daycare he was doing well then the teacher he got used to left, and so did his improvement. He had stopped running from the classroom, Im going back to them on Monday and I have questions for them, what did she do that the other teachers arent doing, and since the behavior specialist had spoken to them, had told them he was going to go to see him there and especially since I had prepaid the month and his staffing is on Thursday with Early Intervention and he would be gone for three four hours everyday. Im gonna beg them, his teacher likes him, and I am trying the best way I can to help them with him, and I know its not easy.