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    Well it was a long appointment (abt. 3hrs long) but I really felt good that she was really detailed abt. asking his syptoms etc. She did IQ testing and then took him off without me to do the developmental testing. He said he played games. lol Since I was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder she mentioned that their are red flags for him, but since childrens brains continue to grow until abt. age 6 they would not formally diagnose him until then. After watching him do some testing and her line of questioning I think she is leaning towards the unofficial early onset bipolar disorder or possibly Asperger's. Unfortunatly due to the holiday her first available appointment to give me the results and recommendations wasnt until Jan. 15th. :? So we have another month of waiting...UGH!

    Thank you all for all your recommendations and help you have been giving me so far because I know we are just beginning:D
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    I am so glad that you got some answers. It is a long road but at least now you know where you are going. Hugs and blessings.:D
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    Try to take the next month and enjoy the holidays. Find some time for yourself, maybe read up a little on both possible diagnosis's so you are prepared.
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    Thank you for the support:D I have been researching like crazy.lol His gluten free, low sugar diet has really been helping too. We are now convinced it makes a big difference in his behavior. I thought I would be shocked by the Aspergers diagnosis but until we sat down and she asked me every possible thing my child can/cannot due I came to reallization that he may have developmental issues. I just don't know because it's hard to remember where my older son was at developmentally at that age. I am just trying to not obsess about it too much, and at least know eventually I may have some insight;)