Our *BLEEPing* legal system

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by TeDo, Apr 12, 2012.

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    difficult child 1 had court today. The ridiculous charge did NOT go away as our lawyer was lead to believe. He was given a proposal by the prosecutor that included a $100 fine, 10 hours community service, a SAFE class (Seatbelts, Alcohol, Fatalities, and Enforcement) that costs $75, a Juvenile Mental Health Assessment (DUH!!), counseling as recommended, and probation for up to a year with juvie hanging over his head if he doesn't fully comply.

    I argued with our lawyer about how ridiculous this was given the circimstances of the incident. He went to the prosecutor and the best he could do was take juvie off the table completely and cut probation to "up to" 6 months. That was because "this wasn't the only time the police have been called about difficult child 1". No duh, I called for help twice during that same week because I couldn't reach our psychiatrist for help but neither of those calls involved a weapon or violence of any kind. But then, we did have that stupid report from the Occupational Therapist (OT) that should have been made to Social Services (as is standard protocol in our state) and NOT the police. In our case, creating a paper trail to get help backfired in a big way for us. Our legal system here is soooo out of touch with the times.

    The positive side is that he can do additional community service to pay off the fine (Boy Scout and 4-H community service projects count), his PO is part of our Boy Scout troop and our 4-H club so we know him well, and if difficult child 1 does everything in 3 months it will all be DONE and it won't appear on his record.

    I still think this is still completely a**inine in the first place. Now .... to come up with the fee for that stupid class that has nothing to do with what happened. Grrrr
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    It is all so ridiculous. I can't even think straight what to say. I hate your doctor for not supporting you and I hate the officer who even filed the charges it is just a huge waste of time and tax dollars.
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    I'm so sorry. WOW! How proactive of them to order a MHA on a child who is ALREADY diagnosed and UNDER a psychiatrist's care! Assininie doesn't begin to describe this. Hopefully difficult child will see the assinine-ness of this an realize that it's unavoidable and do his very best to avoid such situations in the future. (yes, I do remember this was medication induced which is MONUMENTALLY difficult to control I'm talking assinine-ness in general)

    Glad to hear that fulfilling requirements won't be too big a hardship.
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    So sorry TeDo. Unfortunately, our system is not responsive or understanding of mental illness or neurologic issues. I guess we have to scare our kids enough that they don't do anything to get into the system. As adults this will also happen to them. And medication issues don't even count it seems like. Basically they have criminalized our kids with problems (and as parents we have had to to get services). So much money and time would be saved and even long term outcomes would be better if they paid for services, crisis teams, respite, etc. We have a mental health court here-we tried to get in but couldn't as the waiting list was soooo long and difficult child was a runner. In this court, everyone is trained in these issues and they support kids weekly at school and home. They reward them for successes and have many other services. Parents are very involved. When a program has a waiting list, it seems to me they need to look at why and add more. Do you have access to such a thing? Just wondering if it would be good to know just in case for the future?
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    my friend's son fought with a kid on the sp. ed. bus for teasing his brother (both Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)) and he got probation too. It only lasted a few months and he was over with it, but if this happens to Q, he wont be able to do any of the jobs, any community service, etc.... what in hell will I do?
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    I do NOT understand the "justice" system AT ALL.

    They slap repeat violent offenders on the wrist, but ONE problem that could be documented AS a MH issue and he gets all this?! ONYXX didn't get this much when she STOLE Schedule II drugs!


    Hugs. I'm glad the PO is decent!
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    The whole system is beyond disgusting...
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    Everyone here knows how I feel about "the system". It literally continues to shock me..year in and year out. I am sorry that logic didn't prevail........again. Hugs. DDD