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    Christmas was kind of strange for my family.

    I was up almost all night because kids had me up all of the prior 3 nights. So I worked on some projects. husband and I had presents wrapped by 10pm on the 24th!!!!! We are never done before 3 am!!!!

    I fell asleep about 6 am and they let me sleep until 10!!! We opened our gifts and they were very much appreciated.

    Then a short nap for me, and we got ready to go to my parents. Got there a little late because we had a LOT of snow. Luckily we can go around behind out house, because the regular way off our street is up a hill that no one can get up.

    Got to my parents and husband let us out close to the house and went to park down the drive. It was very snowy and thank you was waiting to try to help me in case I fell.

    I did. Bad. I got up and tried walking up the slope of the driveway again. Then thank you fell. He knocked the wind out of himself and his lungs HURT. husband put the car in park, set the brake and rushed him inside (with asthma we were afraid it might mean an ER trip if it wasn't under control ASAP.) He did settle down in a few minutes.

    Wiz had come out and he helped me up and into the house. I didn't even say Hi! I just went to my parent's bath and mom got me some clothes and put mine in the dryer. I was a MESS.

    The one thing I DID notice when I first got in was my bro's EX sitting there. Apparently she is now spending holidays with us again. I don't get it. I really don't. I don't like her or trust her. We were all nice to each other all day though.

    I even gave her a gift. A nice one.

    We munched, kids played. Finally my bro showed up with his daughter and we were able to get things moving. We got nice gifts, oohed and aaahed over the kids' gifts, and enjoyed each other as much as we could.

    husband got the FUNNIEST gift from my parents!!!!!

    He got a Littermaid!! One of those self cleaning electric litter boxes for cats!!!!

    When he opened it thank you yelled out "YES!" and pumped his arm in the air!! husband gripes about the litterbox but thank you is the one that cleans it, so it was funny!!

    Lots of nice gifts, we made it home safe with most of them, and so we all crashed for naps.

    I hope you all had Merry Christmasses!
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    Suzie, sounds like you ended up having a very nice time. Well if you overlook the attach on your tail bone. Even though you do not like your brothers ex, I think it is nice that you allow her to take part in the family holidays. I am sure it meas alot to your brothers children.

    We to ended with a white christmas, even after last weeks forecast of not a chance of a white one. LOL LOL Well we ended up with blizzard warnings on xmas eve, and about 6 inches of snow for xmas, :D. Kids loved it but I had to drive wife to both jobs yesterday.

    Now for a Happy New Year to all,
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    Susie, I hope you're ok today after that fall. The gift for your husband and thank you's reaction to it is hilarious! Glad the day turned out well.

    We had a quiet day. We opened gifts Christmas Eve because husband was working twelve hours Christmas Day. It was nice - different. Christmas Day was more relaxing than we've ever had. It was a bit sad for me because no one in my family wants anything to do with religious observance at Christmas anymore, and that's always been extremely important to me - the center of the holiday. I can't just run out to a quick service though, because our services are long evening vigils and fairly long morning services that mean scheduling everything else around them.

    Anyway ... it was pleasant, and the roast goose that I tried for the first time came out very tasty. Now I have to eat veggies for a couple of weeks to make up for the baked goods and meats I ate ...
  4. ML

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    I'm so glad you and thank you recovered! How scary. It sounds like it was a nice day. Kinda strange about bro's ex but I guess if it's basically for the kids it's a nice gesture. Manster's dad is usually invited to Thanksgiving and Christmas because he has no other family to speak of here and manster loves having him. husband has been great about it too. But my stepkids think it's wierd lol.

    I miss manster. He's in California with his dad and grandma who is sick. So this trip hasn't been about him and more of a maturing experience. They spent 6 hours in the nursing home office because Grandma had to be brought back there because they thought she might have pnemonia. He called sort of whining about it but then said "actually I don't mind it, as long as grandma is ok". No gifts to open for him either. Grandma gave him a check and dad didn't have anything for him but said "this trip is your present".

    On the bright side, dad has taken him to the beach every day and despite the cold temps he's been surfing on a board of some kind and loves it. I'm calling him my surfer boy now.

    Anyway, Christmas was quiet and lonely without him. He is much less homesick this time than when he went out there last time for Thanksgiving. He's growing up.

    I'm ready for a new year :)
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  5. Andy

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    I am sorry you and thank you both had such dangerous falls. I am glad you are both o.k. and was able to enjoy the rest of the day.

    Is Bro's EX the mom to any of the kids? That would make a little sense that she was there for her kids' Christmas. Or if she has no were else to go, it is super nice to allow her to join your family.

    I think TPaul ended up with some of our snow - we didn't get near the inches predicted - now I know where it went. Sorry for the blizzard part of it! I was trying to send it to unpopulated areas. LOL!

    Susiestar, I hope you are enjoying a very quiet restful day after Christmas! Be sure to continue to take care of yourself. You and thank you still may find some injuries arising from your falls.
  6. susiestar

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    tpaul is speaking of the same blizzard we got - I am also in Oklahoma!!!

    We were supposed to go 70 miles Occupational Therapist (OT) my husband's dad and step mom for today. They called last night and said it took 30 minutes to get their car to go less than 15 FEET. They got it out of the driveway but soon as they turned the wheel to go down the street it just stopped. Still ran, but could not move. At this point they had all 4 wheels out of their drive by less than 10 feet. It took them 30 minutes of digging and pushing to get it to go back into the driveway.

    So we cancelled our trip to their house today.

    Another day for my bones to rest!!!

    Merry Christmas to every single on of you
  7. KTMom91

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    Susie, hope you and thank you aren't hurting too badly today.

    We had a pleasant lunch at my mom's, and my nephew N (11) had some weird kind of baseballs that look like geodesic domes. If you throw them right, they can break seven feet, according to my brother. He and N went out to play baseball, Miss KT and niece Em went out too, then Hubby and I went out, and finally Mom and sis-in-law. Miss KT and Em played, the rest of us just hollered "no pitcher" or "no batter" depending on who was where.

    Miss KT and I got up this morning and went to Target, and I have my M&M stash for cookie baking. I make Valentine cookies with the red ones, and St. Patrick's cookies with the green ones. I also have a bagful of soft ornaments for my grandbaby Maddie's first Christmas tree next year!

    Hope everyone had a wonderful day!