Our day with Grumpus and Grummus (aka Grandpa & Grandma)

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    OMG!~!~! Selfish, Self-centered old people are not fun!

    Because neither of the grandparents can sit in the back seat because of their health conditions, we have to take two cars to do anything with them. We get Grumpus and Mom & Dad get Grummus.

    Dealing with a wheelchair and a purse is too hard, so when we go out, I carry a wallet in my back pocket. We get to the nursing home 10 minutes early. The nursing staff was thrilled to see us because Grumpus had been bugging them since 4am about being ready and was it time to go? Because I didn't have my purse, I had no pen to sign him out, meant it took me a while to sign him out. While I'm taking care of signing him out and getting his medications, husband was dealing with Grumpus. He refused to wait for anything... the nurse had to bring his medications out to the car. And he was still in a good mood at this point.

    Mom & Dad pull into the nursing home parking lot because we are following each other to the casino. Grummus was told to stay in the car, no one is getting out, we are just following them. Grummus gets out of the car. She's getting out of an SUV without help? Uh...long drop for an unsteady, unassisted old lady. uhg...

    It takes two adults for each grandparent and then it's not enough some time.

    Grumpus complained the whole way (1 hour drive) about the roads. Can't we find roads less curvy! Um...this is Washington...hills and curves are the only kind of roads we have. This is not Wisconsin!

    We finally get to the casino. We valet park because it's the easiest. Grumpus is trying to get out of the car before we have his wheelchair ready for him. Then things get even worse. Grumpus throws his dirty kleenex on the floor because he's done with it. He doesn't care. He can't stay at any machine longer than 5 minutes. This means pulling out the wheelchair, resetting the foot things so you can push him and then undoing them, moving the chair etc.. for each new machine. Then it's cash out this ticket, break this $20 and I only want $10s. don't give me $5. Uhm...the machine only breaks a $20 to $5s.... deal with it. And when you cashed his tickets....don't you dare give him the coin change! You'd of thought we had tried to give him a poisonous snake.

    Then we stop to go to lunch. Dad gets all of us the seafood brunch. Grummus and Grumpus were not happy with it. Grummus at least found something to eat, Grumpus didn't like any of it. Five minutes into lunch...."I'm ready to go play!". Grummus wants dessert but refuses to go up and look at what she wants, she just wants me to bring her something but not cake. I bring her a couple of cream puffs, some beautiful strawberries, a little cobbler, and a blintz. Gave her some variety. The stuff she didn't want she refused to have on her plate. Someone else needed to take it. By this time, Grumpus was ready to go and he was going NOW! Someone needed to take him NOW. He would not stop yelling about it. So, my sister and I took the old grumpy people off. By the time I got them set up at new machines, I was ready for a huge extra strong drink! uhg...

    I was never so happy as I was when he announced he was tired, we are leaving NOW! Got him in the car and was glad to put him back into the home! I know that's mean, but I can only deal with him for so long.

    Those two have even gotten my sainted mother close to her done line. She made the comment to me that "I know they are old and I love them, but I'm getting so tired of their selfishness and their refusing to listen to anything!"

    Thanks for letting me vent! Grumpus wants us to take him out of the home more often. He's lucky he's getting once a month! Uhg........
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    O my word! Talk about MAJOR difficult children!!!

    I don't know how you managed....I don't think I would have lasted the one hour drive without turning around and heading straight back to the home!
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    I so understand!!! This will be my inlaws someday. Sigh... I can wait on that...
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    Oh my word! I'd have been asking to skip a glass and bring me a full bottle of straight whiskey!