Our first real IEP meeting today

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    Good thoughts if you have them! husband was out of town for a week and I had to write up my list of demands. LOL With a computer that was acting up and kids as well.

    Luckily our therapist was e-mailing back and forth with advice. She is coming as our Doctor and advocate.
    I think things will go smoothly.
    The School has not had many if any, young BiPolar (BP) kids, but they are very helpful.

    From what I have learned and am learning there are so many special needs kids in the school and entering.
    The school has about 500 kids and a lot of special needs. There are at least 3 in K's class that I know for sure.

    I still can't get a read on K's Teacher, she told me K had been crying in class over some corrections. She tried to act like it was not big deal. I made it clear it was a big deal and I needed to know. I stated that even if other kids cry in class, I need to know because K cycles, is on medications and on days when she comes home and is banging her head against the wall or is severely depressed etc... this could be the reason or one of the reasons. I think she cares but is learning as she goes.
    I had asked if she could just put a little note in her pack back, she kind of blew me off. But this is going in her IEP anyway.
    Heck if I am spending all this time just getting my kid to school I expect to know why she is upset after school.
    So does her therapist so she said we will get this. K's last teacher said she will come and ask for it also if we need any help...

    Oh and K announced to her class Tuesday that she takes medications to help with her emotions. Because they go up and down like and engine!:surprise::surprise::tongue:

    Well we are trying to proactive and educate people. I guess we are starting now.

    I will keep you posted. I am nervous but calm.
    Oh, I started baking again for the staff meetings:D, got a huge kudos over the school loudspeaker I guess from the principal! Heck i will do whatever, I am not above it! LOL
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    I think that was great!! Kudos to K for doing this! My son wouldn't do this at his age and K did great, I think, in choosing words that shouldn't give other kids to something to tease her about.

    As far as the sd, if you can get them to understand a mood disorder you are accomplishing a lot more than me and I'd love to know how you do it!! My typical communication with them in this area is that they say "well, it isn't an academic weakness so it is behavior". Me: "Ok, but it comes out as behavior but that isn't the real problem". Them "well, if he's not behaving as he should, then it's a behavior problem and he needs consequences for it". Me: "if you deal with it and help him when it's causing him emotional or concentration difficulties, it won't turn into a behavior problem 90% of the time". And around, around we go. LOL!!

    I'm sure you'll do fine. They've probably never had a parent more knowledgable than you so if anyone can get them on board, you can! I do mean it about letting me know HOW though.
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    Bake away. If cookies do the trick, we can open a bakery! lol

    I won't give specifics but I once worked for an insurance company that got fines for reporting info late to ISO...and another employee got them reduced by sending cookies...lol

    Hope it goes well. Its such a confusing process, but you've been fairly positive about thsi school, so I hope they maintain the image!
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    Do you mean that all this time we warrior moms have been trying to reason with the sd, we really just needed to take cookies in?? LOL!! No wonder difficult child has had such a hard time- I never did that!
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    This might be too late for your IEP meeting...My son has a "communication log" that he carries between school and home every day. It has several categories specific to his needs for his aide or teacher to comment on every day (even if it is just a happy face or one word) and an area for general comments. This has helped tremendously in keeping track of specific areas of concern. Good luck.
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    I hope everything went well! Baking ALWAYS helps -- how can anyone NOT be on your side when you've put some warm, gooey chocolate in front of them?!!! :D Let us know how it goes...