Our meeting today...BIP FRUSTRATION issue with ADMIN

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    Ok one on gen. parenting and one here…situation two…IEP/BIP issue
    Since the suspension last week I sent an email asking for an agenda item to be added to our planning/review meeting.
    1. We need to review the agreement about when to call me (mom) and when difficult child needs to actually go home (suspension)
    2. Those times (as we all agreed long long ago) are if he is not responding to the BIP …or he is hurting others in a serious way
    3. If he is to learn to use this zone regulation method…he has to be able to have chances to come back to green zone once he is in red zone. If he then gets punished a day later for doing what we are telling him it is GOOD to do, then he is going to either get too anxious /worried that we are back to the suspension thing (always increases his behaviors and admin NEVER sees the pattern) or is going to give up trying (and he is now verbal enough to have said, I am not going to even try. You are all just lying anyway, I am still going to get in trouble so I am NOT going to calm down….etc. )

    Now, not that he doesn't get a consequence…but it is immediate and related to the situation. Those big ALL or NONE consequence programs have driven him to near insanity. We tried it so it is not like I'm saying oooo my poor baby, don't punish him….He has punishments by virtue of not earning rewards or losing chances to do things ALL day every day. At least this way we are making progress and behaviors are decreasing, not increasing
    I'm terrified this principal is going to undo all that we are doing. Also that his agenda is to not have difficult child in his school. Fortunately the sp. ed coordinator for the district told him in front of the whole team …THAT would have to be an IEP driven decision. I am hoping she meant that and will not cave.
    I ask if everyone agrees….all say yes but I see hesitation in Mr Admin-sp ed (the guy that does discipline with sp. needs kids) and I call him on it and he says well I have to answer to the principals concerns too. I express my concerns again and they all agree so mr Admin says ok then we need to say if it is only one little slap or whatever we will count them and everyone will be the same (so lame, people can tell if it is a dangerous out of control thing, trust your highly trained staff!)…I say, we can't arbitrarily add another criteria level to the plan. It makes no sense. If we want to change the definition of success to being number of touches goes down then we need to get a baseline of that first then systematically decrease it. We already have a measurement tool and it is to see how many times he can get back into green. Also measuring 'on task' behavior. (which would be green zone behaviors anyway). I let them all know I am very very concerned that this plan that so many professionals have created, trained staff on, trained difficult child on, that we have spread to out of school settings, etc. is going to be derailed because ONE person is not seeing the light. I keep rewording what I want to say and do over and over. Now I am the obsessive/perseverative one
    I plan to call our advocate again…haven't needed her in a while but I think if we start now then if we get pushed against the wall we will be better prepared.
    Just breathe.
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    Buddy, I would love to know what you wrote. Could you please edit it to a larger font selection?
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    Definitely contact your advocate. We went through this SAME battle with Admin (who finally came out at an IEP meeting asking if I'd thought of enrolling difficult child 1 in another PUBLIC school district in the area).WTH? I'm just glad you have the team on your side. In my situation, SpEd director was Admin's wife, SpEd teacher was new and green and a butt-kisser whose responses depended on who he was talking to. NO ONE but me and my advocate would challenge him. Needless to say, we are no longer there. I think I might have FINALLY gotten their attention though. difficult child 2 has also pulled out of that school. He also enrolled in an online school and took his "per pupil" payment and 100% on MCA's with him. I have Admin AND Super calling me to find out what they could do to get difficult child 2 back.
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    Just completely unbelievable (but OH, sadly, I believe you for sure!)
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    Is this the assistant principal? Could you get the principal in the meeting?

    I think what you and you're team do are amazing. You son is very lucky to have you all.
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    Is this the assistant principal? Could you get the principal in the meeting? Principal is the one doing the actual derailing through the assistan administrator who works with special needs kids. Last year it was more the asst. principal. I have invited him every single time. I have expressed during the meetings that I think his adding to the plan without being a part of the planning and learning during the meetings is not professional and doing harm to my child. At the last meeting I made it very clear that I am not happy with that one aspect of this plan and that I will be seeking counsel. Very upsetting that this could be so excellent, all the other players and day to day goes so much better but he is throwing in a huge wrench that will mess this up so much.
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    DEFINITELY get an advocate (or lawyer if you prefer). Have you contacted the PACER center in your area yet? My advocate was AWESOME!!!!