Our psychiatrist spoke tonight at a DBSA meeting

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  1. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    (DBSA = Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance) As usual, he was very engaging and very informative -- the topic tonight was diagnosing and treating mood disorders in children and adolescents. It's great to have the opportunity to hear him "lecture" on the subject that we see him the most for -- lets me listen to questions from others that I might not have thought to ask, and allows me to pursue my own questions that there might not be time to answer at our appointments. Plus, tonight I had a few lightbulb moments with regard to my two difficult child boys and my difficult child-husband. And I now have some specifics I plan to address when we go for our appointment this Friday.

    I'll type up my notes and share some of the pearls in a few days. :peaceful:
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    Sounds like a great meeting! I look forward to seeing your pearls of wisdom. What a great way to get ready for an appointment.
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    What a great resource, and what a treat.