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    easy child was told last Spring to wait to schedule puppy's spade procedure. She wanted it done before she went to NYC but when she went to schedule it the beginning of July, they were booked until last Thursday! Now, if they are booked so far in advance, WHY could she not have scheduled it at puppy's last shots appointment, why did they make her wait?!!!!

    Anyway, puppy is in heat (they grow up so fast these days!) making the procedure $20 more. easy child also denied the lab screening because she could not afford the $42 for that so I paid to have it done. (It's not that I don't like pets, its just that I don't want the responsibility says me!)

    We believe that puppy is more sensitive because she was in heat during the procedure. She had the procedure done Thursday and stayed overnight. easy child picked her up on Friday late morning and said puppy was doing steps already.

    As the weekend went on, puppy seemed to get worse and worse. She looked so pathetic and difficult child was so worried. I was starting to get worried and asked easy child to call the vet. Now, a dog has to look near death for me to suggest making that call and puppy was so zapped of energy and in so much pain! The vet said to give aspirin and he would be in the office 9:00 Sunday morning if things continued to not improve.

    The vet also remembered Bella. She was a whiny little critter. I guess bischon friese are known to be whiny and intolerable of pain.

    So, easy child goes out Saturday night and gets some aspirin. Puppy got a dose that night. Things did go a tiny bit better. difficult child slept on the floor with puppy in the game room Friday and Saturday night.

    Sunday morning, difficult child put puppy on easy child's bed when we left for church. About two minutes before Sunday School was over, I get a phone call (my little chatterbox student said, "Hey, ice cream truck!" I suppose the ringer of the cell phone sounds like our ice cream truck.). I gave the phone to difficult child who answered it in the hallway. It was easy child. I called her back after class was dismissed. She had given puppy another dose of aspirin and apparently puppy had not eaten breakfast because she threw up all over easy child's bed. :sick: (suppose to eat before having aspirin)

    I came so close to paying the $100 after-hour fee just to take puppy in the vet before today but she seemed much better by the time I got home from church and grocery shopping. I took easy child to the laundromant later that day to wash her bedding in the large machines.

    Anyway, puppy is almost 100% back to normal. She doesn't look pathetic anymore and is back to jumping the babygate we have to keep her downstairs. We need to find a way to keep her at the bottom of the stairs - there is a nice area there for her but she wants to be upstairs getting into things.
  2. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    OMG.........I hope he specified ENTERIC ASPIRIN!!!! Not regular aspirin.

    When Pootie came home - I read and re read the post operative directions about 30 times - just to be sure my dyslexic brain saw "Put the puppy ON the bed and allow her to jump." and was really supposed to be "DO not allow the puppy to climb or jump for 10 days."

    I brought her home - and followed the 3 TBS of food advice and 1/4 c. water for the eveining. The next morning I gave her a handfull of food and all the water she could handle.

    I came home from work - picked her up like they showed me at the vets and carried her lovingly, and delicately outside to the front lawn and there I put her down with the utmost care.....and she TORE ACROSS THE YARD LIKE A NAKE BANSHEE WITH HER BUTT ON FIRE......and then burned it back to me and away and back and away and back......and I freaked.....

    I got her leash and that usually means SCHOOL - and THAT created another set of problems - So I put her in her kennel and thanked myself for crate training her BEFORE surgery - she falls asleep with the door open......but once she woke up - BANSHEEEEEE.

    I was afraid she herniated her wound. We kept an eye on it....and now it's been 3 weeks and she's still got a little pea sized bubble but no herniation......and STILL a BANSHEE......

    WE got her done at the Humane society and they are giving out free vouchers for spay/neuter OR $65 off YOUR vet. Got her microchipped and a tag for $14. Got the rest of her shots for 20. So for a total of $40 - with a donation to Bully Breed Rescue - we did well......and Dude did bring me some money.

    Hope your Bichon is feeling well soon.....

    tiny woofs from Pootie saying GET WELL......
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    1/2 of a baby aspirin. No written post op - just said not to bathe her. Great, we are suppose to get rain and the ground stays wet for a long time and her tummy gets soaking wet when on wet grass!

    Is Enteric the same as baby?

    Thank you so much! Next time we have a problem, I will be bringing it here to ask for help.

    Bella says thank you to pootie -
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    Our vet would never spay them if they're in heat, unless it's an emergency of some kind. He just won't.

    If she had the surgery done on Thursday and is still in that much pain on Monday, there could definately be something wrong. If she was mine, I would want the vet to take another look at her. She could be getting an infection or some other complication from the surgery. Mine had their surgery in the morning and came home the same afternoon. They had a dose of pain medications before I picked them up and they gave me more to give them later if they needed it, but they didn't seem to so I never gave it to them. They slept it off in the crate most of the day and ventured out once in a while to get a drink or go outside. By the next day they were almost back to normal, eating and drinking and playing just like they always did, just a little slower.

    She should be almost back to normal by now, not getting worse. Something is not right here and she needs to go back to the vet ASAP to be checked out. I don't know how your vet does it, but mine would not charge again to recheck them, he'd consider it a follow-up to the surgery. Please take her in.
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    Thank you Donna! She is much much much better today. I was surprised when they didn't cancel the appointment and wait but I know nothing about pet care. I think they should have given easy child pain medication directions for puppy - we should have given pain medication on Friday night and/or during the day on Saturday. I will have to remember that we shouldn't have to pay for follow ups on vet's work. That makes sense and I wish they would have told easy child that.

    I wish I would have brought this to the board on Saturday - it would have helped puppy feel better a whole lot sooner.
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    I'm so glad she's doing better! Most vets won't charge you for any kind of a follow-up after surgery, the same as they don't charge you for a recheck and to take their stitches out.

    The vet will usually give them a big dose of pain medications before you take them home. If they don't, you need to ask for it. Not everybody gets the extra pain medications after their dog has surgery because it costs more, but I couldn't stand the thought of them being in pain. When dogs are in a lot of pain they shiver and shake ... but some of the shivering after surgery comes from the anesthesia wearing off. I got them the extra pain medications but they really didn't need them because they slept through the worst of it that first day and were better the second day. I've gone to the same vet for over 20 years and my two Bostons actually were bred by the vet tech in his office. I bought the extra pain medications "just in case", then when they didn't need them, I brought them back unopened and got the money back. Going to the vet is like "old home week" for my girls!
  7. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    I'm with Donna - take her for a post op check -

    Pootie keeps running around asking "Wanna see my new belly button? I have 2." as if it will impress 2 older bulldogs.

    She's just a mess of love and I love her mess.