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    We survived.

    I woke up at 6:30 am. Stupid turkey still wasn't completely thawed. I set it out, drank a pot of coffee and got ready for the 3 day sales for the drug stores with easy child. Too many "freebies" to pass up. Got probably 95 percent of those freebies and made a killing. Just as I'd predicted, people had hit all the other stores and basically left the drug stores alone.

    Came back and finally the turkey was thawed. This was 10 am put the darn thing in the oven, had a small panic attack they said at least 5-6 hours. (had other food to cook in the oven) Tidied up the downstairs yet again. Found places to put this morning's haul, hopped in the shower and found something decent to wear.

    Nichole arrived about 12-1pm. We visited a bit but when she saw all the freebies I got she wanted them too. Soooooooo, while Travis watched the turkey, off we went to walgreens. She was very pleased with herself. Came back and worried over the turkey while we visited. sister in law built Rowdy's roof for his kennel because he was worried it would be the last nice day of the season. We cooked.........

    First batch of hard boiled eggs were not done. Had tried a method that works for electric stoves and does not work for gas stoves. Molly got 8 eggs for lunch. Put more eggs on. Then later easy child and the kids came over.......normal ruckus........Connor was fussy and demanding Nana and was not happy Nana couldn't just drop everything and pick him up. Turkey did manage to get done on time. So into the oven goes the casseroles ect.

    We're ready to serve.........and placing the food on the kitchen table because we do it buffet style. I picked up the now deviled eggs, Travis spun around from the sink and SPLAT! they wound up on the floor. Those eggs just weren't meant to be. lol

    The food was good as usual. Company and visiting nice. But my mind was not on the food. Only half on the company. Which resulted in me feeling scatter brained all day.

    Once everyone had eaten.........well Travis wanted to play his new electronic monopoly. I said no. Everyone else was going to play then the kids started doing what kids do.......and it just sort of fell apart from there. sister in law wanted everyone to go to their house so they could put the little ones to bed. I said no. I didn't want to play monopoly and I wasn't going anywhere. At that point I was just done. Not anything anyone did or said or anything. Just done. I just couldn't do it anymore.

    All the time I was eating the fact that husband was not there just weighed on me something awful. This was his favorite holiday. Football and food, lots of food and all of it his favorites. I held it together all the way to the end of the meal. Then I was just done. We didn't even do dessert. That part sort of makes me feel bad. But it is what it is.

    The girls helped me clean up and then left. I did the dishes, fed the dogs. Now I'm sitting here totally wiped out. Travis is at easy child's playing monopoly with them and Darrin. I have my jammies on.

    The house seems so very empty. Empty like it did during those first days. Man that was hard.
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    Im sorry Lisa...hugs.
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    I'm sorry, Lisa...many hugs.
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    I'm so sorry hon. *hugs*
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    Oh, the ups and downs. It does get easier, but... today isn't one of those.

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    Hugs Lisa. The holidays are the hardest part. Hang in there.
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    Lisa, I am sorry. You did well to set limits though. You saw your family and now you need to rest.

    I bet husband would be proud. (((hugs)))
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    Hugs....I know how difficult this must have been....you did amazing considering everything that has gone on in the last couple of months.
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    Thanks guys. Last night was tough. Found myself back where I was the first days. Cried it out, road out the emotions, then hit the bed and slept like a rock. This morning I'm ok again, I can push it back and keep going.

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    I'm glad you slept well last night.

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    I'm glad too that you were able to sleep well. Those first holidays after the loss of a loved one are always tough -Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays and anniversaries. I guess because the loss is so much more evident then. But gradually, gradually it does get better and a lot of the pain is replaced by happy memories. I promise! It does get better.