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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Robinboots, Apr 28, 2010.

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    Not sure the last time I was here, but our last court date was April 7. I think. difficult child was released from probation, and that was it. So we went home, and he went....wherever.

    Said he was staying with his former foster parents, and working at a pizza place, but for various reasons I doubt both of those.

    He's managed to run another bank account into a negative balance - $400 or so. Is hanging out with a very nice, polite girl, tho - for now. Hopefully just hanging, not sleeping, who knows? She's brought him twice now to get his stuff from his room, which I had all packed up. Have been telling him forever that he needs to stay here and follow the rules, neither of which he seems capable of doing. No real idea where he's staying or what he's doing altho I try my best - I can be quite the Internet stalker, lol!

    A few examples:

    We text every couple days. Most recently it was about a tattoo. Yes, I know people have them, and no, I don't like them. And difficult child is 17, he can wait. So he says, can I have a tattoo? No. Why not? No. Will you take me to get one? No. Sheesh!

    Fine, he says, can I get my ear pierced? NO!

    A couple days later: Can you meet me at the bank, Mom?
    To sign a paper.
    For what?
    So I can get a tattoo
    Okay, I'll come by later and bring the paper for you to sign

    Huh??? Sigh.

    We sold his car. It killed me to see it sitting there, now I cry that it's gone. This kid has thrown away SO MUCH.
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    I'm sorry to hear that you're going thru this struggle of letting go before he even reaches 18yo. I understand the pain of so much opportunity and potential tossed aside, unapprecciated, and unacknowledged. Try to take comfort in knowing that your son is ok, apparently not homeless, and still communicating with you to some extent. He might pull thru this ok- just his own way.