Our Visit to Camp


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Tonight we were invited to joing difficult child's ESY program at camp - they've been there since Tuesday and will come home tomorrow. I went in to work an hour early and worked through my lunch so that husband could pick me up at 2:30 to make the 90 minute trip to camp with easy child in tow.

Got there on time and I have to say that I was so nervous. I posted most recently (maybe even this morning) that when difficult child is independent of our 'family unit' that he seems to loose all control of his behavior - either being extremely silly or childish to the extreme of being borderline manic and running around or making tremendously rude comments. I totally expected to run into that difficult child when we got there.

Imagine my surprise to find a totally appropriate kid at camp. When we got there, he was swimming - totally awesome beach. Teacher said he had been doing great - took a swim test to see if he could kayak - and passed - and did kayak this afternoon!! Also, he reported that difficult child was the first one ready for their daily 5-mile hike - and that he never complained once about the heat and/or bugs. He didn't have his glasses on in the water, so he didn't even see us for more than 10 minutes. easy child and I took our shoes off and waded in and I just watched him. He was playing with the other kids - it was so nice to see!! When he finally did realize we were there, he came out smiling and greeted us - telling us all about the kayaking.

AND, after our very impressive, totally delicious turkey dinner (with-all the trimmings), the campers put on a patriotic production telling the story of our flag evolving over the years. difficult child had a huge part - he was George Washington - and he was amazing!!

He then told us to sit down - and brought us some dessert. Who is this kid??? We were there all in all about 2-1/2 hours.

When we said our goodbyes, he was off to the archery range - he was being treated to a lesson by the man who runs the camp because he showed a good attitude over the course of the camping stay.

Seriously, <u>who is this kid </u> ???

It was so, so nice to just see him "be". I can't really put it into words, but I know that here with this group, I don't have to. You KNOW how I am feeling. I am going to bed tonight with a very happy Mommy heart. :smile:


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Oh that sounds so wonderful Jamie! I loved it when something went right...lol.

If your son continues doing well and seems to enjoy sleepaway camp maybe you could investigate a longer one for next summer or the summer after. I went to Camp Seafarer in NC when I was 11 and it was wonderful. We stayed 5 weeks and the parents came down the middle weekend for parents weekend.

The boys camp is Camp Seagull and they offer scholarships but you have to apply early in the year. Like about October for the following summer. It is a very good and reputable camp.


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Thanks, ladies, for joining me in the :dance:

Both husband and I told difficult child what a great job he did! All the staff told us what a great job he was doing - and we told him that, too. Tonight, I will reiterate how nice it was to see him having a good time. Strangely, it will be good to have him home! Hee hee.

We looked into special needs sleepaway camps a few years ago - the nearest one was still quite a distance away - and was so expensive. At the time, we tried to get a loan to send him - for various reasons we were at the end of our ropes at the time. It didn't work out, but maybe next summer. I think he would enjoy it, but I know he wouldn't want to be away for several weeks at a time. Will have to check it out a bit more ahead of time to see what different programs the camps closest to us provide.

I know that today could be a totally different story, and we might be picking up cranky, irritable, lippy difficult child from school today, but we'll take it.

To think that this is the same kid that would cry and cling to me a mere three summers ago when we were just wading at the beach - and now he has passed a swim test - and gone kayaking!! Woo hoo!!

Dancing again! :dance: