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Thank goodness for Saturday (Michigan won and we had a full break from the kids) because the drive to and from Michigan were horrid. Between easy child and difficult child-honestly-yikes! Friday night it was easy child revving difficult child up-so rude to him and that got him going. Today on the way home at first it was him-absolutely horrible!!!!!!!! At one point we were at a gas station getting a snack. He was so angry because he could only get one (a drink or a snack) that he shoved me into an aisle of food-luckily nothing ruined. Unfortunately that was his first violence in weeks!!!

Then easy child started and it was back and forth. I finally had to switch spots with-easy child because it was so bad.

And the good news is we get to do this all over again next weekend! :slap: We will be trying to find someplace for easy child to stay next weekend as I think husband will have a coronary if we have to go through this again. I know I could stay home with her but really don't want to miss the game either.


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Do you ever notice if difficult child does better when easy child's arent' around?

It happens at my house like that.


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difficult children do much better at my house without PCs. I think they just argue too much or get on PCs nerves too easily. difficult children can usually tolerate eachother because they don't find it as annoying as PCs do. Wierd huh?

I hope you find someone to watch easy child next weekend so you can enjoy the game and ride to/from better.

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My girls were the best of friends when they were little. difficult child was easy child's greatest fan and just about anything and everything that easy child did made difficult child crack up laughing. Then the rages began and difficult child's behavioral issues really came into glaring light. I know that gradually over the years (starting at about age 9/10 for difficult child) easy child's very presence seemed to bring out difficult child's worst tantrum. And easy child only seemed to get easier and better, which in turn aggravated difficult child even more. I sometimes wonder if easy child became such a severe easy child due to what was going on with difficult child at times. Hmmm...

It is very hard to take easy child and difficult child together and at times we've traded off being with both of them at the same time (easy child feels that difficult child ruined our visit to see her in VA earlier this month). Sometimes one or the other opts out of an event and I am sometimes secretly grateful that I didn't have to split my personality to be with both of them at the same time!

I think it stinks when one has to miss out on a fun time but sometimes we have no choice and we have to do what's better for everyone overall. If easy child won't mind missing the game, then go ahead and find her someplace else to spend the day. Jeesh - that's too bad, but you need your sanity (and you deserve to have an enjoyable day!). Hugs~
I can take either of my cubs to the grocery store or some other place and have a marvelous time. Take them both and life is misery. easy child antagonizes difficult child no end and sets a poor example herself in other ways. Many times, she is worse than he is! Same story, different houses ... Good luck to all!

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Ahh, Sharon,

You & husband are so brave to be making these trips each fall during college football season. husband & I would become Badger fans before facing trips like this on a regular basis. :hammer: (by the way I am a Badger fan - not to pour salt in the wound or anything :smile: :surprise:)

I hope next week is better - I hesitate to suggest you take 2 cars. That seems a tad extreme. :rolleyes:

(((hugs))) to you & husband. :flower:

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Thanks Ladies!

Weaselqt-difficult child often does better when easy child isn't around. Then there are the times she is nice to him and he does better when she is around.

AllStressedOut-You are right about difficult children being better able to tolerate each other!

Jo-easy child doesn't actually come to the games-stays at grandma and grandpa's. She wouldn't mind staying behind!

RFS-Oh yeah-I hear you about easy child sometimes being worse than difficult child!

Linda-Bite your tongue!!-A Badger fan-oh no!! :surprise: Thanks for the hugs!



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Yuck! I hope it works out that easy child has a place to go instead of the game. Better luck next weekend!

I can totally relate to long car rides with difficult children and easy child going at it. I'm just so thankful that I'm in the front and they're in the back!!!

Unfortunately, husband and I have to give the kids' each a copy of our "Rules on the Road". These rules are just basic common curtesy sort of things. The consequences if the rules are broken are also listed. It's sad, but this is the only way we can get our difficult children to behave. And, easy child does start things at times...

There is no reason why you should have to miss the game. You need quality "me" time!!! I hope you find somewhere for easy child to stay. WFEN